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lope Sentence Examples

  • The Spanish drama, meanwhile, untrammelled by those false canons of pseudo-classic taste which fettered the theatre in Italy and afterwards in France, rose to an eminence in the hands of Lope de Vega and Calderon which only the English, and the English only in the masterpieces of three or four playwrights, can rival.

  • Peter Martyr in a letter to Lope Hurtado de Mendoza in 1513 is the first to state that it is of native origin.

  • In 1541 Francisco de Orellana discovered the whole course of the Amazon from its source in the Andes to the Atlantic. A second voyage on the Amazon was made in 1561 by the mad pirate Lope de Aguirre; but it was not until 1639 that a full account was written of the great river by Father Cristoval de Acufia, who ascended it from its mouth and reached the city of Quito.

  • His published partial French translations of Calderon and Lope de Vega, and wrote parodies for the Opera Comique and pamphlets in favour of the Jesuits.

  • His successor, the licentiate Lope Garcia de Castro, who only had the title of governor, ruled from 1564 to 1569.

  • Lope de Vega dedicated to him a celebrated play entitled Las Almenas de Toro (1619), and when Castro's Comedias were published in 1618-1621 he dedicated the first volume to Lope de Vega's daughter.

  • But the quickness of the wolf's lope and the borzoi's slower pace made it plain that Karay had miscalculated.

  • His artistic taste was shown by his patronage of Velasquez, and his love of letters by his favour to Lope de Vega, Calderon, and other dramatists.

  • Felipa kicked her horse into a lope and rode up beside him.

  • She put the horse into a lope and headed for the shed.

  • He probably made the acquaintance of Lope de Vega at the festivals (1620-1622) held to commemorate the beatification and canonization of St Isidore, the patron saint of Madrid.

  • She gave him a sour look and kicked the horse into a lope, ranging out ahead of him.

  • The count and Simon galloped out of the wood and saw on their left a wolf which, softly swaying from side to side, was coming at a quiet lope farther to the left to the very place where they were standing.

  • She smiled and nudged Princess into a lope, leaving him to shut the gate and catch up.

  • In 1569 the governor, Lope Garcia de Castro, divided Peru into corregimientos under officers named corregidors, of whom there were 77, each in direct communication with the government at Lima.

  • He pulled as she lunged up, and as soon as she was settled behind him, he urged the horse into a lope.

  • He turned his mount and started up the hill at a lope.

  • He nudged the horse in the ribs and Ed broke into a lope.

  • "Let's go," he said and urged Ed into a lope.

  • Carmen mounted and turned Ed toward the field, kicking him into a lope.

  • I left Princess in a predicament, he said as he kicked Ed into a lope.

  • He lets himself drop into an easy lope, not bothering to try to catch her just yet.

  • lope're soon loping along at 85 to 95 mph.

  • lope the peripheral vision, creatures are loping out of the darkness on all sides.

  • He asked me whether I did not think that Lope de Vega was much overrated.

  • My view is heightened with a gentle lope by car across the calming, almost whimsical, landscape.

  • She slowed Ed to a lope.

  • Without another word, she nudged Princess into a lope.

  • When it was thought sufficient to say with Boileau that Corneille excited, not pity or terror, but admiration which was not a tragic passion; or that "D'un seul nom quelquefois le son dur ou bizarre Rend un poeme entier ou burlesque ou barbare;" when Voltaire could think it crushing to add to his exposure of the "infamies" of Theodore - " apres cela comment osons-nous condamner les pieces de Lope de Vega et de Shakespeare?"

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