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linguists Sentence Examples

  • It is now acknowledged by all linguists that this supposition is quite wrong, and that the Aryans probably came from Europe.

  • Rasmus Christian Rask (1787-1832) was one of the most original and gifted linguists of his age.

  • The Koreans are expert linguists, and the government made liberal grants to the linguistic schools.

  • applied linguists work in French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

  • corpus linguists is touched upon within the book.

  • generative linguists ' claims that we have a system of rules in our heads distilled from experience.

  • gifted linguists who has ever attended the school.

  • HOLIDAY FUN FOR LINGUISTS The Linguists among us will enjoy the various lexemes for the word " snow " found in one Inuit dialect.

  • It is possible for linguists, like anyone else, to use special lexis unnecessarily, or to descend into a kind of jargon.

  • John, This is an argument always used by linguists.

  • Understanding how people acquire language allows applied linguists to develop more effective ways of teaching foreign languages.

  • We will provide a playback facility enabling linguists to listen to the original recordings.

  • linguists interested in the development of irregularity will find relatively little along those lines here.

  • We have lost valuable talent from almost every base and every occupational specialty, including mission-critical linguists and infantry men.

  • Since the Republic of Turkey does not allow linguists to conduct field research on the language, MacKenzie was denied a research permit.

  • Re-using the Lampeter Corpus The Lampeter Corpus was designed by linguists with the research needs of linguists in mind.

  • One of the goals of this meeting is to identify how computational linguists can help the writer.

  • To a later paper that challenges generative linguists ' claims that we have a system of rules in our heads distilled from experience.

  • Stories of Success The fact is that the British are often not the most accomplished linguists in Europe.

  • The great majority of the non-specialist linguists (68 %) are doing Arts degrees, only 21% Science degrees.

  • Toolbox: Toolbox is a data management and analysis tool for field linguists.

  • The course provides an opportunity for gifted graduate linguists to progress considerably beyond the traditional level achieved by undergraduates in modern languages.

  • We are definitely not making up for the loss of specialist linguists here.

  • Role: Our client are currently looking for graduate linguists with English mother tongue and fluent German and French.

  • Clearly linguists could develop a model of semantics that included pragmatics.

  • These phenomena have been much discussed by rhetoricians, logicians, and linguists (see Horn 1989: Chap.

  • Linguists solve crimes, champion the underdog and even help secure the future of humanity.

  • Those wishing to develop confidence and skills in writing and communication, studying with practicing writer, linguists and critics.

  • Especially famous have been the Jewish linguists, pre-eminent among them Theodor Benfey (1809-1881), the pioneer of modern comparative philology; and the Greek scholar and critic Jakob Bernays (1824-1881).

  • Code breakers and linguists were consulted, chemists and biologists patched up their differences and worked together, and scientific groups were formed to share information and theories.

  • It is probably time for linguists to be less squeamish about matters which most scientists take completely for granted.

  • Autistic prodigious savants include musicians, mathematicians and linguists.

  • Ahlqvist (1826-1889), and a phalanx of linguists, continued their work among the Vogules, the Mordves and the Obi-Ugrians.

  • Here you find articles in the encyclopedia about linguists and lexicographers.

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