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lebanese Sentence Examples

  • Since 1900 a considerable number of Syrians and Lebanese migrants have settled in the country as traders.

  • One of the most common scams is the Lebanese Loop.

  • A statement released by the Lebanese Army Command announced that five breaches of Lebanese airspace were recorded Tuesday night.

  • brotherly relations, based on the wishes of the Lebanese people.

  • castigate the Lebanese government for permitting that to happen, despite promises to the contrary?

  • Will he not castigate the Lebanese Government for permitting that to happen, despite promises to the contrary?

  • marriageable Lebanese girls were few.

  • Our waiter was the only unwelcoming Lebanese person I had ever met and seemed very mournful and depressed.

  • The Lebanese, thinking the approaching trucks were reinforcements, were surprised and quickly ousted.

  • The Lebanese War was not, therefore, an asymmetric war confronting a well-equipped modern army with a ragtag band of guerillas.

  • City deserted In fresh strikes, Israeli warplanes hit the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, which are a Hezbollah stronghold.

  • The National News Agency reported that Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

  • The paste is usually found in Thai recipes, and powders are often used in Egyptian and Lebanese dishes.

  • The star's Lebanese heritage sparked her interest in belly dancing.

  • Born in Mexico, Salma Hayek is of Mexican, Lebanese and Spanish decent.

  • Ethnic Grocer has all sorts of wonderful food products from around the world, which you can browse by cuisine (including Japanese, French, Lebanese, Russian and more).

  • Lifts and Drops - Dancers make pronounced hip movements with lifts and drops, such as the drop back and Lebanese lift jump.

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