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lasso Sentence Examples

  • They were dark and heavily built, fought on horses and used the bolas or weighted lasso.

  • lasso the bollard on a moored BW workboat and vaguely pull themselves over.

  • Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down ", have empty rusks for souls.

  • You can learn how to ride a horse, sheer a sheep and use a lasso!

  • lasso cell has an outer part covered with tiny knobs, which exude an extremely sticky goo when touched.

  • lasso option in the screen designer menu that allows multiple controls to be selected using a dragged rectangle.

  • Teacher, using template, demonstrates use of Photoshop tools; lasso tool, paint bucket, paint palette.

  • A volume might be written on Orlando di Lasso's art of so crossing the voices as to render possible successions of chords which, on a keyed instrument where such crossing cannot be expressed, would be a horrible series of consecutive fifths; the beauty of the device consisting in the extreme simplicity of the chords, combined with the novelty due to the fact that these chords cannot be produced by any ordinary means without incorrectness.

  • Missa pro organo; Fantasia and Fugue, " Ad nos, ad salutarem undam "; B-A-C-H Fugue; Variations on Bach's Basso continuo, " Weinen, Klagen "; Bach's Introduction and Fugue, " Ich hatte viel Bekiimmerniss "; Bach's Choral Fugue, " Lob and Ehre "; Nicolai's Kirchliche Festouvertiire, " Ein feste Burg "; Allegri's Miserere; Mozart's Ave Verum; Arcadelt's Ave Maria; Lasso's Regina Coeli.

  • They were dark and heavily built, fought on horses and used the bolas or weighted lasso.

  • Spurs and Lassos: A lasso string fragment that's twisted in an interesting pattern can make for an elegant and unique cake topper.

  • Or, if you're keeping your cake traditional, lay a lasso in a circle around the cake at the reception, and embellish the scene with spurs.

  • She wears a gold tiara with a red star, matching bracelets, a gold belt with gold lasso attached, and red boots with white stripes.

  • Notice none of the costumes come with the gold lasso.

  • Cowboy hats: Whether you rock an urban cowgirl look or lasso in the cattle on an imaginary ranch, a cowboy hat makes an inexpensive and readily available purchase.

  • You can lasso the heart of the perfect guy or gal in a totally wholesome atmosphere.

  • Be forewarned: never try to lasso this wild creature with the intention of placing him in a corral.

  • She was also equipped with fantastical items like the Lasso of Truth.

  • To make this comic book heroine even more formidable, she was given magic bracelets which she used to deflect bullets and her golden lasso which forced men to tell the truth.

  • On the first page under cowboy you will see dancing cowboy boots, animated Mickey Mouse with a lasso, wild mustangs and a saddle with ropes.

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