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landmass Sentence Examples

  • geomorphic history of a significant proportion of the southern African landmass.

  • landmass of 235 square miles.

  • The majority of the earth's landmass is covered, with the only real exceptions being the Polar Regions.

  • Farming is the predominant industry among the estimated 32,000 inhabitants of the DCU, which has a total landmass of 235 square miles.

  • Each piece is carefully ground down to the exact shape of each particular country to form the landmass.

  • Three times the size of Europe, it spanned the Eurasian landmass from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

  • The earthquake occurred as a result of a northward thrust of the Pacific Ocean sea floor beneath the continental landmass of Alaska.

  • I especially love the huge landmass in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

  • SIZE South Africa occupies 4% of the continent's total landmass, covering an area of 1 221 040 square kilometers.

  • Prior to the flood, the earth may have been one large landmass.

  • Before the classification procedure, cloud -cover reduced composites of the Canadian landmass, each spanning 10 day periods are created.

  • Costa Rica is a tiny nation in Central America - with only one tenth of one percent of the world's landmass (19,700 square miles), it is smaller than the state of West Virginia.

  • Angel Island is a landmass in the center of San Francisco Bay that officially became a part of the United States after the war between Mexico and America in 1848.

  • Considering that the entire landmass of the city of San Francisco is about 46 square miles, the park is a significant part of the overall size of the city.

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