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lamination Sentence Examples

  • In some cases the inner layer is formed not by invagination but by proliferation or by de lamination.

  • lamination of rocks, which undoubtedly have once been fluid, appears to me a subject well deserving attention.

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  • It can be converted by traditional foam processing methods including lamination, thermoforming, adhesive coating, welding and die cutting.

  • Matt lamination looks more ' professional ' than standard gloss lamination, but is sometimes more expensive.

  • Anarchic, hypercellular cortices with disruption of normal cortical lamination and radial alignment of neurones are the striking low-power features.

  • hot seal pouch lamination is a process where a document is sealed between layers of polyester film pouch.

  • Their fine lamination is the product of seasonal fallout of organic matter in a lake environment.

  • A choice of gloss or Matt lamination gives an excellent quality finish to the carrier bags.

  • lamination process, there are two main sources of static.

  • lamination equipment is used to produce composite laminates of substrates and foams.

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  • A special resin called gelcoat is always used as the outermost layer in fiberglass lamination.

  • This contruction is much more durable than printed paper lamination.

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  • In some cases the inner layer is formed not by invagination but by proliferation or by de lamination.

  • After having fully described the obsidian, I shall return to the subject of the lamination of rocks of the trachytic series.

  • Products with food or oil stains, waxy coatings, stickers, foil accents, or lamination are generally unable to be recycled.

  • The Gore-Tex system, invented in 1978, uses a proprietary material that is fastened to the inside of the pants through a lamination method.

  • They discovered a way to attach the membrane, through an industrial lamination process, to the inside of various types of fabrics.

  • This lamination gives the consumer more variety because the membrane can attach to different types of material instead of being designed with only one fabric in mind.

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