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ladylike Sentence Examples

  • Whoa, that's not very ladylike.

  • Whoa, that's not very ladylike.

  • Perfect with a faux fur cape for this seasons ' ladylike chic!

  • ladylike way of enjoying this fruit.

  • ladylike manner and received much applause.

  • Laura is very ladylike and elegant, but also very acrobatic and agile.

  • Rage was not for women: it was n't ladylike or proper.

  • It's not too soppy for a man, yet it's sweet enough for the most ladylike of ladies!

  • Suddenly, Joanna's ladylike features, which have been looking benignly tranquil, wrestle heroically and hilariously with the urge to laugh.

  • It 's not too soppy for a man, yet it 's sweet enough for the most ladylike of ladies !

  • Suddenly, Joanna 's ladylike features, which have been looking benignly tranquil, wrestle heroically and hilariously with the urge to laugh.

  • Do you want a sophisticated, ladylike shower?

  • Covet, however, is less ladylike and more arresting in its tendency to turn heads.

  • With the focus on ladylike glamour, eyes should be kept clean and sultry.

  • Makeup for redheads can be spicy and sultry or ladylike and classic.

  • A tried and true classic, red lipstick screams confidence and ladylike sophistication.

  • French designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel strode into fashion with a ladylike rebellion.

  • The company's pajama selection is elegant and ladylike, including silk sets and luxurious matching robes.

  • For a modern alternative to the twist, old fashioned buns are entirely chic with a retro ladylike vibe.

  • A short tapered bob has a vintage ladylike appeal to it.

  • Whether it's to pair with a flirty sundress or an office suit, retro curls are polished and ladylike.

  • Both of these classic color choices come and go in the spotlight, but their ladylike appeal will never go out of style.

  • Dressing-Up Tip: Have fun with "ultra feminine" blouses in silk, lace, and other lightweight, ladylike fabrics.

  • Go to Dillard's for ladylike suits that often have a nipped-in waist and a three-button jacket.

  • You might opt for a ladylike camisole to bring a sexy twist to your look, or you might take a peek at the handkerchief halter top for a fresh take on warm-weather wear.

  • Stepping outside of the door often required hat, gloves and a smart handbag to accessorize her ladylike outfit.

  • Those menswear-inspired pieces took a crisp turn, with a sharp dose of sex appeal thrown in for ladylike measure.

  • To create the ladylike style that was definitive in the 1950's, make sure you have a formal hairstyle paired with your elegant costume.

  • Leather clutch handbags are the perfect ladylike accessory to carry for a night out on the town or a lunch date with someone special.

  • The kiss-lock closure gives it a ladylike edge, while the unique tiered design brings a fresh vibe to an otherwise traditional leather bag.

  • The focus was on ladylike grace, but with a modern twist.

  • The bags are dainty and ladylike, with clean lines, sleek finishes and flawless silhouettes.

  • These bags run the gamut from ladylike and sophisticated to bold and playful.

  • There's something for everyone in this versatile collection of soles, from sporty, chunky heels to sexy, ladylike kitten heels.

  • If you prefer a more ladylike look for work, try a pair of sassy pumps.

  • You've heard about ladylike dresses and dainty purses before, but what about shoes?

  • In keeping with the overall mood of ladylike luxury, it's wise to play your shoes off your outfit - or vice versa.

  • If you prefer a ladylike look that is less embellished and more simplistic in nature, try one of the season's romantic shoes.

  • The Kate Spade range of white couture wedding shoes is perfect for women who are searching for something timeless, dainty and ladylike.

  • Girly, feminine tattoos are perfect for the lady who wants some ink, but doesn't want to sacrifice a part of her ladylike nature.

  • There is a definite art to making sure your tattoo is as ladylike as you are, but picking the right artist won't necessarily ensure you get the feminine look you seek in a tattoo.

  • This ladylike nightgown is modest and cozy, and it's so easy to change underneath when you don't have much space or privacy.

  • That doesn't take away from its overall elegance, though - this is a sexy, ladylike set.

  • There are some ladylike offerings for the woman who wants to put some romance into the evening.

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