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labyrinthitis Sentence Examples

  • Conversely, it passes very slowly when you're not - like when you have labyrinthitis.

  • viral labyrinthitis is a condition that occurs mostly in young adults, although children and older people may be affected.

  • Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the inner ear that is often a complication of infection of the middle ear (otitis media).

  • Labyrinthitis is caused by the inflammation of the labyrinth.

  • Labyrinthitis is rare and is more likely to occur after middle ear infections, meningitis, or upper respiratory infection.

  • The rubella virus can cause labyrinthitis in infants prior to birth.

  • Labyrinthitis can also be caused by toxins, by a tumor in the ear, by trauma to the ear, and sometimes high doses of medications or allergies.

  • The primary symptoms of labyrinthitis are vertigo and hearing loss, along with a sensation of ringing in the ears called tinnitus.

  • Bacterial labyrinthitis may produce a discharge from the infected ear.

  • Diagnosis of labyrinthitis is based on a combination of the individual's symptoms and history, especially a history of a recent upper respiratory infection.

  • If it is believed a bacterium is causing the labyrinthitis, blood tests may be done, or any fluid draining from the ear may be analyzed to help determine what type of bacteria is present.

  • If an underlying condition such as a tumor is found to be the cause of the labyrinthitis, treatment will depend on the underlying condition.

  • Because most labyrinthitis resolves on its own, most treatment is focused on controlling the symptoms.

  • Individuals with labyrinthitis should rest in bed until the acute dizziness subsides.

  • Most people who have labyrinthitis recover completely, although it often takes five to six weeks for the vertigo to disappear entirely and the individual's hearing to return to normal.

  • Permanent hearing loss is more common in cases of labyrinthitis that are caused by bacteria.

  • Labyrinthitis generally resolves by itself; however, in some cases permanent hearing loss can result.

  • Labyrinthitis may cause repeated episodes of vertigo even after the main symptoms have gone away.

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