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labor-intensive Sentence Examples

  • He's a nice young man and I feel would make a far less labor intensive mate than Howie would have proved to be.

  • He's a nice young man and I feel would make a far less labor intensive mate than Howie would have proved to be.

  • Monitoring becomes much more labor intensive and difficult in asset classes where there is low liquidity and lower transparency.

  • labor-intensive industries moved abroad, particularly to the Chinese mainland.

  • labor-intensive tasks and give you full access to your data for inquiry and management reporting.

  • labor-intensive process that relies on a limited pool of highly talented developers.

  • labor-intensive method to now?

  • labor-intensive activity.

  • Eliminating the trade barriers of developed countries in manufactures, particularly labor-intensive manufactures such as textiles and clothing.

  • labourrning to the subject of signaling systems, ours is very labor intensive.

  • stem cell lines is labor intensive and time consuming.

  • As many researchers appreciate the banking process for human embryonic stem cell lines is labor intensive and time consuming.

  • Kittens that are at least eight weeks old are not as labor intensive as puppies, but there are a few things that new cat owners should know about kitten care.

  • Organic farming also utilizes time consuming and labor intensive practices.

  • Classic southern cooking uses fewer processed food and is more labor intensive than its northern counterpart.

  • If you are getting a unique groom cake that requires labor-intensive decoration or the cake to be shaped, expect to pay significantly more for your cake.

  • Because lucky bamboo is so easy to care for, many guests are happy to give it a good home, unlike seed wedding favors that are much more labor intensive to bring into bloom.

  • This recycling method is very labor-intensive as the molten glass with color already added, is poured into a pancake on a metal table and then pressed with a cookie cutter-like form to create the squares.

  • Obviously, homeowners want the product to work well; however, many are also very concerned with not having to reapply the treatment every year, due to how labor-intensive applying the stain can be.

  • Saves Energy: Organic farming is less dependent on petroleum products for energy as many of the labor-intensive practices common to organic procedures are still done by hand.

  • Although wool diaper covers do not need to be washed but every few weeks, their care can be a bit labor intensive.

  • Up until the 1920s, spelt was the choice bread flour, but because it was labor intensive to mill, it was abandoned for other grains and new hybrid wheats.

  • Organic farming is very labor intensive and therefore the produce is more expensive than what is grown on giant farms.

  • This is because the methods for growing the cotton, processing it, and manufacturing the clothing are usually more labor intensive than conventional cotton processes.

  • Organic farming is more labor-intensive in many ways, which ultimately affects production and affects the end cost to customers.

  • Singer was one of the first manufacturer's to offer a personal sewing machine to replace the labor-intensive task of sewing with needle and thread.

  • These sparkly stones are labor intensive.

  • In addition, making the dress itself is labor intensive and requires a good pattern, accurate measurements, and a talented seamstress.

  • This kind of arrangement is more expensive since it's such a labor-intensive process.

  • The most available jobs are in positions which are dangerous, low paying and labor intensive.

  • Because they are labor intensive and require so many materials, essential oils are very expensive.

  • Furthermore, the intricacy of the design is labor intensive and may cost more to create even if the diamonds are less expensive.

  • Although it seems pave would be inexpensive given the small size of the stones, it is a labor intensive process to create this setting.

  • Intricate and frilly gowns are labor intensive and are normally priced to reflect the handiwork entailed.

  • Some Evisu designs and styles are hand stitched or hand painted, making the production of a single shoe extremely labor intensive.

  • Because Evisu is one of the most labor-intensive products available jacks up the price.

  • Although predominantly known for its boots, the Red Wing company manufactures shoes for many labor-intensive activities.

  • While using a shovel can be an effective way to remove ashes from a fireplace, this technique is labor intensive and can be messy.

  • This method works best for simple designs, since it can be quite labor intensive.

  • Another disadvantage to transitioning to the Thrive Diet is that while the recipes are tasty, many of them are rather labor intensive to prepare and take more time than many people want to donate to preparing meals.

  • Setting up a total gym is a labor-intensive process, so you want to choose the best machine for the money.

  • Don’t be alarmed by the length of the ingredients and instructions for preparing Beef Wellington; the dish is simple to make, but the preparation steps are time-consuming and labor intensive.

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