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kip Sentence Examples

  • bothy for a night 's kip.

  • We decided even in our drunken haze to head back for some kip.

  • At least I managed to get some kip once I'd finally made the minibus.

  • I wouldn't have minded being below decks having a quick kip myself!

  • One beer and by 3.30 I need a good kip.

  • We returned to the ferry port and tried to catch some kip under the stars in the car park.

  • Back to the hotel for a few hours kip.

  • Loads of room on the flight enough to claim a row of three and get a good kip on the flight.

  • Also like jasmine tea alot and camomile is good if you want a decent kip.

  • kip on peoples floors, we actually got beds.

  • kip on a bench.

  • Can I just kip on the floor at the venue?

  • Anyway after a very hard previous day, having a bad nights kip wasn't such a good idea.

  • Wandering Swan was on the stage in front of us, but when were awoke from our afternoon kip, it was gone.

  • What would he have done if he'd only gone home early the night before and had a decent night's kip!

  • kip in a ship Visiting London with your education group?

  • Then look no further than HMS Belfast 's ' Kip in a Ship ' sleepover accommodation !

  • Thanks to "team Kip" for the wonderful dinner with impeccable service!

  • Saul-Paul can also tell you how Sagan wrote Contact, and his role in it leading to Kip Thorne's seminal wormhole paper.

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