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kazaa Sentence Examples

  • That suits me as I can get on with the writing and carry on stealing software via kazaa lite.

  • Unlike Kazaa, Soulseek is 100% pop-up ad free, geared toward indie music, and you can download entire albums.

  • In its wake, new peer to peer technology was created using decentralized servers, making it harder for the industry to target users - the most popular being Kazaa and LimeWire.

  • In Australia, it is illegal to use Kazaa P2P network, but in Canada, the courts have ruled that P2P networks are legal.

  • Downloading music videos is generally available on all the MP3 downloading sites, from iTunes to Kazaa.

  • Remember, when you're downloading from peer-to-peer sites like Kazaa, you are downloading videos from strangers - careful out there.

  • Like its contemporary, Kazaa, the site is free to all users for uploading and downloading music and videos.

  • With peer-to-peer networks like Napster, Kazaa and Limewire boasting easy downloads of commercial material, some music artists and executives are pulling their hair out trying to slow down the file-sharing craze.

  • However, there are other major peer-to-peer sites that remain free, Kazaa and Limewire included.

  • Between pending lawsuits and users leaving in droves to places like Kazaa and LimeWire, WinMX decided to call it quits after a very brave run of things.

  • Kazaa is the most widely known P2P network in the post-Napster world.

  • With a visit to their website, users can download the Kazaa software and begin searching with a few minutes.

  • It is also possible to configure your computer so as to not allow upload of your own tracks into the Kazaa system.

  • Kazaa is great for finding major label stuff, mainstream stuff, and some indie stuff, but the more obscure you go; the more unlikely you are to find it on Kazaa.

  • Because Kazaa is free, it supports itself through selling pop-up advertisements.

  • Kazaa will continue to run in the background unless you ensure you close the entire program when not in use, so unless you are constantly in the market for new ringtones, close the whole program.

  • If you want to skip the pop-ups altogether, there is a pay version of Kazaa that is ad free.

  • Unlike Kazaa, you can download entire albums through Soulseek.

  • The quality of the MP3 downloads from Soulseek is more reliable than Kazaa, and the selection of music much more extensive for those whose taste run beyond the mainstream.

  • LimeWire rivals Kazaa in terms of popularity.

  • Like Kazaa, LimeWire involves just a quick software download, and you're off.

  • Unlike Kazaa, LimeWire is bundle software free, so you don't have to worry about downloading spyware along with your P2P system.

  • Other companies like Bearshare, WinMX, and most recently, Kazaa, have followed suit, either folding or clamping down on the sharing of copyright protected files.

  • It's interface is more user friendly, and just plain nice to look at that, than other P2P networks like Kazaa and Soulseek.

  • It operates much the same way as other P2P-based programs like Kazaa, Soulseek, and BearShare.

  • In addition to these websites, you can also try P2P networks like Kazaa or Limewire, but be wary of any legal issues that may come into play.

  • In essence, Ares Galaxy works like most other P2P file sharing networks, so it is essentially equivalent to programs like Kazaa, Soulseek, and WinMX.

  • Surf through the archives here at LoveToKnow Music to learn more, including the option to try peer-to-peer networks like Kazaa Lite, Bearshare, and Ares Lite.

  • Well, it functions in much the same way as P2P-based networks like Kazaa and Limewire, except you can download more than a single file at a time.

  • The same can be said about looking for free High School Musical 2 MP3 files through popular peer-to-peer networks like Kazaa, Limewire, and Napster.

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