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karyotype Sentence Examples

  • Both partners of one couple had an abnormal karyotype.

  • The six tumors that could not be analyzed using the direct method showed a normal karyotype.

  • karyotype produced by cytogeneticist.

  • An abnormal karyotype was demonstrated in 57% of patients.

  • However, the identification of all chromosomal aberrations in a complex karyotype was often not possible from such patterns.

  • Following the SKY results, the G-banding findings were reevaluated, and the combination of the two techniques resulted in a more accurate karyotype.

  • karyotype forms for non-human species are already installed in the system.

  • karyotype form editor.

  • karyotype bands for all full length chromosomes.

  • To develop a flow karyotype for the pig based on FACS sorted chromosomes.

  • Karyotype: a test that performs a chromosomal analysis from a blood test, used to determine whether the hypotonia is the result of a genetic disorder.

  • A special type of blood test called a karyotype may be done to analyze the girl's chromosomes if the doctor suspects Turner's syndrome or another genetic disorder.

  • In rare cases infants with hypospadias occurring closer to the body and who also have undescended testicles, a karyotype or genetic screen may be performed to determine gender.

  • The final result of such testing, with the photographed chromosomes paired and organized by shape and size, is called the individual's karyotype.

  • Both amniocentesis and CVS allow the baby's own karyotype to be determined.

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