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jump-start Sentence Examples

  • jump-start a dead car.

  • jump-start the creative process.

  • jump-start a project.

  • jump-start businesses.

  • Java enterprise technologies Microsoft got a jump-start with integrating Web services into the.NET framework.

  • Geoff said " From a homeless person's point of view, the project offers a fantastic jump-start to getting off the street.

  • New woodlands tend to have inherently low biodiversity and need the jump-start that bluebells and other woodland wildflowers provide.

  • jump-start penalty in race one has been his best result of the season to date.

  • jump-start service.

  • Kitchen design ideas can inspire you to create your dream kitchen and jump start a kitchen renovation project.

  • When you're having trouble beginning a layout, using color blocking, sketches, or single photo layouts may help jump start your creative process.

  • It is only meant to give her a jump start back into a regular cycle of seasons.

  • Guest columnest Wendy Nan Rees shows you how to get a jump start on fighting fleas on your dog.

  • During the week of the campaign, people can get a jump start on the many reasons why sleep matters, as well as changing habits for the better.

  • Want to get a jump start on your trip planning?

  • Wii Fit, used on a consistent basis, can help you jump start a healthy lifestyle.

  • But, women who get bad news about the baby are given a jump-start on learning about the child's condition and how to treat it.

  • A win or high placement at one of these contests can jump start a modeling career, a designer line and more.

  • While the swimsuit edition of any magazine is geared toward men, women can find inspiration in the pages, especially if they want to jump start a workout routine and exercise their way to a fit body.

  • Get a jump-start on the fund raising with a list of fund raising ideas for your school, dance team, cheerleading organization, church, sports and more.

  • Are you thinking of starting oral sex to jump start your relationship?

  • Each reading is automatically interpreted for you, so if you're the kind of person who learns by example this may be a great way to get a jump start on learning to read the tarot.

  • To jump start sales, new releases are often discounted by 5-15 percent during this period.

  • The six-day diet plan that accompanies the program is intended to give users a jump start with the proper nutrition for their new workout regime while providing the essential foods for a healthy lifestyle.

  • You can try a jump-start from another car's engine, but before you do make sure you know how to jump-start a car.

  • Because of all the new technology in cars these days, read your owner's manual on how to jump-start your vehicle so you don't ruin any electrical components, or ask a knowledgeable friend to help you.

  • From wool tea cozies to beanie hats, this site will jump start your next knitting project with lots of great patterns to choose from.

  • Check out the doll pattern collections below to jump start your inspiration.

  • Some feel mornings are best because that early morning workout can give your metabolism a jump-start that keeps you burning calories all day long.

  • Are you interested in a way to jump-start a raw diet or cleanse the body and eliminate fat and toxins?

  • The menu for the grapefruit diet is supposed to provide a jump start to weight loss, but monotonous consumption of grapefruit gets old very quickly.

  • But paying attention to metabolism and eating foods that boost your metabolism can help give your weight loss a jump start.

  • Don't forget exercise- Exercise can jump-start any diet, and exercise works to maximize the results earned with daily diet plans.

  • While there are more than 7 ways to lose weight, the following ideas are all low cost, high impact ways you can jump start your weight loss in the new year.

  • Because most people enjoy fruit, and the flush only lasts for three days, it may be easier to stick to and help jump-start a more long-term weight loss effort.

  • In moderation, almonds help jump-start your metabolism with essential fatty acids.

  • These types of diets are meant for quick weight loss or to help jump-start you on your weight loss journey.

  • Creating a workout plan for beginners is not hard at all and is a great way to jump-start your resolution to get fit.

  • Also follow up with a small, fast-carb and protein rich meal or snack immediately after the workout to jump start the recovery process.

  • While Pimsleur French in 10 Days can certainly provide a jump-start to your command of French, learning a language takes time and effort.

  • Despite being the youngest, Nick Jonas got a jump start on his brothers in the music industry when he was discovered by a music manager while singing in a barber shop.

  • Lydia wants this experience to also jump-start her dating life.

  • But that soon blew over, and now Shayne is trying to jump-start her career with her dad's help.

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