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juke Sentence Examples

  • juke box located in the center of the bar near the side entrance.

  • juke joints, you take the church basements and Boy Scout jamborees.

  • juke box...

  • Music: Wurlitzer juke box, videos of 70s shows and films.

  • good pool table and juke box tho if you like that sort of thing.

  • Wide receivers can change their lines to better effectively catch the ball; runners can juke and spin around defensive mean without a problem.

  • If you break tackles, spin and juke, or perform any of the taunting moves (e.g., raise the roof, around the world, etc.), you accumulate these points, which after you reach a certain total, give you access to a "GameBreaker".

  • Nothing fancy; just jump onto the field, then juke and stiff arm your way to the end zone.

  • The Samsung Juke is perhaps one of the more creative music phones available on the market today, especially since it looks a lot more like a portable MP3 player than a mobile phone.

  • Available in red or blue, the Samsung Juke also offers an interesting "switchblade" like mechanism.

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