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juggernaut Sentence Examples

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  • Juggernaut of a thing.

  • Steering an eight is like trying to drive a Juggernaut from the back.

  • The Greeks would have to summon all their strength to stop the Persian Juggernaut.

  • Other alliances, with organic food growers and protectionist food organizations in France and England, created a Juggernaut against GM food.

  • Return to table of contents Can you and I do anything to alter significantly the technological Juggernaut that is transforming society?

  • This is your chance - have a driving lesson in a massive articulated Juggernaut, and see if you can handle this giant.

  • Today secularism is ' far from being an unstoppable Juggernaut '; indeed its future appears less certain than that of religion.

  • In the end, we will find that the technological Juggernaut is identical in nature with the System.

  • For a while, we stopped the corporate Juggernaut.

  • Waterloo, tho, is massive; a great Juggernaut of a thing.

  • He spent much of the 1990s performing with his brother Django Bates ' in his musical Juggernaut Delightful Precipice.

  • Juggernaut lorry to go past your house to wake you up.

  • Juggernaut units, then defeat the remaining ones in less than five minutes.

  • Juggernaut rolls on, through frame five with another commanding break.

  • The globalization Juggernaut will continue to flatten everything in its path.

  • Answer: Apparently, when you're Tesco, the UK retailing Juggernaut.

  • That's why we must halt Labor's regulation Juggernaut.

  • Pop. (1901), 49,334, including an exceptional number of pilgrims. As containing the worldfamous shrine of Jagannath (see Juggernaut), Puri is perhaps the most frequented of all Hindu places of pilgrimage.

  • You'll also get to drive vehicles like the Scorpion, an unstoppable juggernaut of a tank.

  • This bastion of sex, sand and swimsuits has become a juggernaut, churning out breathtaking annual issues year after year.

  • Easily the juggernaut in the industry, the Apple iPod series continues to dominate the handheld music industry.

  • Ratings juggernaut Survivor stranded its first castaways on a remote island in 2000.

  • The Fox ratings juggernaut launches musical careers with every season.

  • It was hardly the ratings juggernaut that the network had hoped for, and could perhaps be an indication of just how well an Octomom reality show will fare.

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