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judgmental Sentence Examples

  • Again, it's important with all of these questions to make him feel as though he can safely express himself honestly - this is not the time to be judgmental, and certainly not to run a guilt trip about anything.

  • It is important when listening to guided relaxation that a person not be judgmental or critical of the instructions.

  • It's something I'm not very judgmental about, at all.

  • Everyone knows the world of fashion is purely judgmental and brutal.

  • judgmental of design critics.

  • Get informed before you make any decisions about sexual relationships, if possible, and remember there are adults who you can talk to and who will answer your questions without being judgmental.

  • Possibly the hardest part of sensuality is that judgmental voice in your head that will try to second guess what you're doing - whether you're doing it well enough, good enough, or whether your body is pleasing enough.

  • Children at this age are often less judgmental and more accepting of someone that is different from them because the social stigmas and ill-conceived notions of conformity are not important.

  • This is clearly judgmental, exclusive and unacceptable and it is a truth too beastly even for the Tory party to name.

  • Until the 1920's, lit crit was almost entirely impressionistic and judgmental.

  • judgmental in any way and SM should not use them to provide information to be used in disciplining teachers.

  • judgmental attitude.

  • judgmental approach to the work.

  • judgmental area of implementation.

  • judgmental comments.

  • judgmental environment.

  • They say that women are too judgmental, where, of course, men are just grateful.

  • This was to be a constructive process conducted in a way that was not judgmental.

  • Love is gladdened by goodness and always slow to expose and eager to believe the best but we are often judgmental.

  • Again, hugely judgmental if the book fails the test; but Elucidatory if the book is allowed to dictate its own esthetics.

  • Steve was never judgmental and never showed the slightest hint of the arrogance to which he would have been fully entitled.

  • In our reading today we hear how Paul became judgmental of a young man named John Mark.

  • The Lilly quotes are somewhat useful but seem more judgmental than descriptive; there must be some purpose to the phlegmatic type.

  • Okay, I played this game a day after finishing a 3 hour session with Ridge Racer, so maybe I'm a little judgmental.

  • Some researchers prefer the terms flexible, active or feisty, and cautious instead of the somewhat judgmental terms of easy, difficult, and slow-to-adapt, respectively.

  • Should he be a little judgmental or self-righteous, try as best you can to ignore words expressed and focus on the emotions he may be trying to express.

  • Explore ways in which you can create a safe space for the two of you to talk without being judgmental.

  • If you're going to be with a Pisces, you shouldn't be judgmental.

  • A-B-C Charts are a way to monitor children's behavior in a non-biased or judgmental way.

  • The person's decisions and actions to life's situations are examined, yet not in a judgmental way, merely as a cause and effect result.

  • If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all: Unless you are calling out the blogger on something he or she said, don't be judgmental or nasty with your comments.

  • judgmental way of looking at him is that he was damn good at what he did.

  • A counselor will be supportive of the patient, and not judgmental; providing support, education, and constructive confrontation when the patient needs it.

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