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jittery Sentence Examples

  • Rhyn asked, the feeling of doom making him jittery.

  • Rhyn asked, the feeling of doom making him jittery.

  • The vamps were jittery enough, with the foyer teeming with young vampires who seemed both eager to do something about the excitement and uncertain what.

  • Is it US consumers tightening belts or uncertainty over Iran and possible UN resolutions causing markets to get jittery?

  • golf chad said version of john jittery random sound patterns day trip during.

  • Due to a problem with the sound system my voice may sound a little jittery.

  • Food and drink was placed before us, but by now I was so jittery I couldn't even think of eating or drinking.

  • Jilly knocks over a vase, and Carol, who is already getting very jittery, sends her outside to play.

  • I will have to only give brief details, as I am still jittery one week on!

  • Last night, too jittery to follow their instincts, they acted as if they really did yearn to be spoilers.

  • After the infamous Roskilde disaster where they swore they'd never play a festival again the band are understandably jittery.

  • jittery random sound patterns their salsa gets.

  • jittery property market Confused by Sydney's real estate market?

  • jittery moment she stared at the model, wondering what to do next.

  • jittery nerves.

  • jittery guitars, pulsing bass and staccato drum rolls lock together to blow away the cobwebs in the Vine.

  • jittery few minutes.

  • We'd go bonkers if our minds made us feel equally jittery about every bomb in every corner of the world.

  • But the studios got jittery, as is their way, and Potter died in 1994.

  • Nigel also looks jittery at the edge of the box.

  • But Slough were spurred on and, as the fans became jittery, so too did the players.

  • welted thistle, Carduus crispus, drawing a jittery line around the edge of their empire.

  • There 's the welted thistle, Carduus crispus, drawing a jittery line around the edge of their empire.

  • White sugar may also produce jittery feelings from the rise and fall of blood glucose and insulin that mimic panic attacks.

  • Be aware of how much caffeine you are ingesting; too much can make you feel jittery.

  • It is also possible for people with GAD to feel shaky or jittery.

  • Mental signs: Meth users may appear jittery or energetic.

  • If you feel jittery about making your own fondant, considering purchasing it in pre-mixed tubs instead, available at most cake decorating and pastry supply stores.

  • Decongestants can make people feel jittery or keep them from sleeping.

  • Jittery feeling - You will feel nervous and jittery as the nicotine starts to leave your body.

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