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jiffy Sentence Examples

  • forget-me-not seeds -- absolutely amazing results on the 3 jiffy 7's we supplied.

  • jiffy bag through the post.

  • jiffy program which will print out a list of suitable POSI positions.

  • jiffy envelopes and labels.

  • Comes complete with cheese grater to grate parmesan in a jiffy, or pepper grinder to grind fresh peppercorns or sea salt.

  • Eureka stuck up her nose at such food, but the tiny piglets squealed delightedly at the sight of the crackers and ate them up in a jiffy.

  • Of course; in just a jiffy.

  • The waterproof version has a metallic blue ring right around the top of the tube, so if you're like me and buy both kinds, you can tell them apart in a jiffy.

  • Websites like Jiffy Shirts sell cheap t shirts in a variety of fabric blends and colors, while Uber Prints allows you to design your own comfy t shirt for one low price.

  • Whip up strapless extended size rompers in a jiffy with this easy-to-sew Simplicity pattern from Today's Treasures Patterns and Supplies.

  • Stop by if you need regular glasses in a jiffy.

  • If you have a one-hour shop, you can easily have them tinted and back in your hands as a jiffy.

  • Well, 4x4 Evolution for the Dreamcast, PC, and the Mac can satisfy your SUV need in a jiffy.

  • Look up whatever you need to know in a jiffy.

  • In addition, two side cargo pockets with a velcro closure and one back pocket with a velcro closure ensure that you'll be able to find your keys in a jiffy.

  • Whether you need to reschedule a practice or arrange separate transportation to a meet, swimming club websites are usually more efficient than phone trees these days, although a group text message can also get the word out in a jiffy.

  • Browsing the aisles you'll also find "oxygen enhancers", Creatine products, herb concoctions and chemical products using only acronyms, all promising to sweep you off your weary feet in a jiffy.

  • There are store bought popcorn poppers such as Jiffy Pop.

  • Colored silks or fabrics: Whether you're putting together a gypsy, ghost or shepherd boy costume, colored silk scarves or panels help to create a variety of floaty costumes in a jiffy.

  • With the addition of black boots, a black belt and a red Santa hat, basic sewing skills are all you'll need to whip up a festive costume in a jiffy.

  • If you think the words "eco-conscious" and "fashion" can't possibly go together, a visit to the tote bags page on this site should change your mind in a jiffy.

  • Heys Expedition Two Wheeled 3 Piece Soft Sided Luggage: The sporty sounding Expedition will have you booking your next flight in a jiffy!

  • A sales representative will be able to measure your child up in a jiffy and provide a selection of shoes to try.

  • They're great when you need a pair of Comfortable Shoes in a jiffy.

  • Let's take a look at the best places to get your Coronation Street updates in a jiffy.

  • This coffee filter kids craft idea for Christmas angels can be made in a jiffy!

  • If you don't feel like going online to order, or you need or want them in a jiffy, all you have to do is hop in the car and visit your local Macy's.

  • Learning how to do French manicures using art paint can be a great resource if you need cute nails in a jiffy.

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