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jaw-dropping Sentence Examples

  • Then mix in a jaw dropping performance by the film's controversial director as a degenerate white slaver.

  • Then mix in a jaw dropping performance by the film 's controversial director as a degenerate white slaver.

  • That said, they are easily among the best in the business and are typically found in jaw-dropping car shows.

  • With EK Success paper eye-popping, jaw-dropping scrapbook layouts are easy to create.

  • The most expensive dress here is the Jersey V Strap Gown that comes in at a jaw-dropping $4270.00.

  • The jaw-dropping, shriek-inducing audience reaction when she gives away gifts has become almost legendary.

  • She's been called the most beautiful woman in the world, and her jaw-dropping salaries for her films attest to her popularity.

  • The ship also includes a three-deck high waterslide that features a bevy of jaw-dropping twists and turns.

  • To be sure, black sclera contact lenses are a dramatic and jaw-dropping look, and one that will look stunning at your next Halloween party.

  • Not so in a sturdy case, especially if that case happens to be in a jaw dropping lipstick inspired red!

  • The ambience that Max Payne just resonates through the setting, voiceovers, and music is just jaw-dropping.

  • According to eyewitnesses, the 2005 E3 teaser for Tekken 6 was mesmerizing, featuring a jaw-dropping action sequence with a visibly sweating, punching and kicking Jin Kazama.

  • Though they don't receive the same sort of jaw-dropping attention that female celebrity hairstyles do, male celebrity hairstyles certainly have their place in the hairdo hall of fame.

  • In either case, one thing is for sure; this suit takes your breath away with its captivating cut and jaw-dropping print.

  • In a swim world dominated by invisible swimsuits and jaw dropping Brazilian bikinis, you may feel as if you are the only person left in the universe searching for a modest bathing suit.

  • There's no doubt that slingshot swimwear is jaw-dropping and shocking for most people, but that doesn't mean that you should shy away from it.

  • Orange Shiny Bikini: The name truly says it all with this jaw-dropping style.

  • Available in three sizes; small, medium and large, these totes will have everyone staring at you in jaw-dropping envy!

  • This bag originally retailed for $37.59, but is now available for the jaw-dropping price of just $11.00.

  • The white fur boot trend for women hit an all-time high in 2009 when dozens of designers debuted jaw-dropping versions.

  • Even advance knowledge of the fiery, explosive, jaw-dropping plots typically won't stop them from watching it play out on television.

  • No soap opera would be complete without those jaw-dropping moments that make viewers cringe.

  • Indeed, Coronation Street has seen its share of jaw-dropping storylines since its inception, ranging from kidnappings and gang violence to infidelity and rape.

  • Whether you are looking to bulk up or simply tone what you have, weightlifting exercises can help you develop a jaw-dropping physique.

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