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jammies Sentence Examples

  • Slumber Soiree includes jammies, slippers, and a personal, doll-sized phone.

  • He didn't have anything against flannel jammies in particular.

  • Shop for footed jammies made out of breathable cotton, and pair this with a light blanket and properly set thermostat to keep your little one cozy and safe.

  • These deal hunting sites post deals on everything from LCD televisions and computers or computer parts to cheap kid's jammies. lf you are looking for cheap electronics, though, you will find a wealth of useful info here.

  • Footed jammies: Footed pajamas are certainly an easy way to ensure that your toddler will stay warm and cozy all night long.

  • For added warmth in winter months, you can put on a T-shirt underneath his jammies as well.

  • Two piece jammies: Two piece toddler pajamas may or may not include snaps at the bottom of the shirt and top of the pants to join the two pieces together.

  • Short or long jammies: Many parents continue to purchase long pajama pants even in the warmer months, since kids will still kick covers, and air conditioned rooms can get quite chilly at night.

  • Some families also follow a tradition of purchasing new children's pajamas every Christmas and taking a family photo with everyone dressed in matching jammies, including their parents.

  • Flannel-Favorite jammies for winter are often made of flannel, keeping children warm and cozy on those cold, frosty nights.

  • Whether you bake all your cookies in your jammies, cut down on your shopping list or have a family photo taken in them, the memories you create will last a lifetime.

  • Whatever the reason, I'm sure almost any guy or gal would like a pair of these jammies.

  • Toddler Grinch Pajamas: Green striped toddler jammies.

  • OK, so it isn't that easy to find Grinch pajamas -- but you can always find Grinch fabric to make your own jammies.

  • Those flannel jammies you have on don't have to be oversized or even plaid.

  • Toast and Jammies Western Rodeo Set: Available at both MSN Shopping and PJ Moon, this western rodeo cotton pajama set is indescribably cute!

  • Paw print jammies can easily be found online or in your favorite . Styles available include nightshirts or nightgowns, flannel two-piece sets or comfy loungepants and matching cami or t-shirt.

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