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Invulnerable sentence examples

  • No one is invulnerable to temptation, Damian.

  • I think of it as remaining invulnerable, something you taught me.

  • According to another story Thetis dipped the child in the waters of the river Styx, by which his whole body became invulnerable, except that part of his heel by which she held him; whence the proverbial "heel of Achilles" (Statius, Achilleis, i.

  • A wellknown Lapith was Caeneus, said to have been originally a girl named Caenis, the favourite of Poseidon, who changed her into a man and made her invulnerable (Ovid, Melon.

  • Invulnerable in exact anatomical description and comparison, he failed in all his philosophical generalizations, even in those strictly within the domain of anatomy.

  • But their artillery and superior maritime science made them almost invulnerable at sea, and their principal military achievements consisted in the capture or defence of positions accessible from the sea, e.g.

  • The fuller our knowledge of reality the more does the object stand out as an invulnerable system of ordered parts, but the process by which it is thus set in opposition to the subject is also the process by which we understand and transform it into the substance of our own thought.

  • Siegfried bathed in the blood of heals in g g healing the dragon he slew and thus became invulnerable; the blind emperor Theodosius recovered his sight when a grateful serpent laid a precious stone upon his eyes; Cadmus and his wife were turned into serpents to cure human ills.

  • Sweden's peculiar geographical position made her virtually invulnerable for six months out of the twelve, her Pomeranian possessions afforded her an easy ingress into the very heart of the moribund empire, while her Finnish frontier was not many leagues from the Russian capital.

  • from its seaport, Gythium - made it invulnerable to a maritime attack.

  • The incorruptible wanted to ship. become the invulnerable and the scaffold of the guillotine waa clowded.

  • England remaining invulnerable in her insular position despite Hoches attempt to land in Ireland m 1796, the Directory resumed the traditional policy against Austria of conquering the natural frontiers, Carnot furnishing the plans; hence the war in southern Germany, in which Jourdan and Moreau were repulsed by an inferior force under the archduke Charles, and Bonapartes triumphant Italian campaign.

  • The place where the acropolis was entered was believed to have been overlooked by the mythical Meles when he carried the lion round his fortress to make it invulnerable; it was really a path opened by one of the landslips, which have reduced the sandstone cliff of the acropolis to a mere shell, and threaten to carry it altogether into the plain below.

  • Wearing a singlet or stripping to the waist can make a man invulnerable to bullets.

  • Transcendental method is indeed not invulnerable.

  • A manager, unless he feels as invulnerable as 007, will rarely be so naive as to make the approach himself.

  • By the use of simple tactics he succeeded in strengthening his position until he became practically invulnerable.

  • Network security ICT tools and networks can never be made invulnerable to attack.

  • For anti-reductionist forms of naturalism (like Railton's) seem as invulnerable to the argument as Moore's non-naturalist account.

  • In these waters, surrounded by steep sided mountains, they were virtually invulnerable to attack.

  • Even a superpower on the scale of the United States is not invulnerable.

  • They begin to look upon themselves as invincible, almost invulnerable.

  • The vital ingredients were there for all three: an underdog defeating a ruthless, intimidating and seemingly invulnerable favorite.

  • She can absorb a human soul to do their bidding, transforming the person affected into a nearly invulnerable servant.

  • The beauty of them is that they are practically invulnerable, except by very large shells.

  • invulnerable retaliatory forces, deterrence is mutual.

  • wearing a singlet or stripping to the waist can make a man invulnerable to bullets.

  • He became an insane vigilante, taking on the nearly invulnerable mob killer Walter among others.

  • There are cheats for all kinds of things - skipping levels, giving you skills and possessions you never earned, making you invulnerable or terribly weak, and making in-game characters look distorted or menacing, to name but a few.

  • When you're playing against others who are invulnerable and can kill you with one shot, pass through walls, or can see you through obstacles, it saps all the fun out of the game.

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