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invoices Sentence Examples

  • invoices in Euros, Swiss Francs or US Dollars.

  • The committee's decision was that the Board of Grounds and Buildings was not authorized to let the decorating and furnishing of the state house; that it had illegally authorized certain expenditures; and that architect and contractors had made fraudulent invoices and certificates.

  • For the rest of us, surrounding yourself with invoices, receipts and statements sounds horrendous.

  • index page shows a list of all invoices within the system.

  • Please send all invoices you might receive from travel agents to Margaret.

  • invoices in euro may widen your choice of potential suppliers.

  • We will send out reminder letters to follow up outstanding invoices.

  • News Press releases Don't let disputed invoices damage your cash flow C/o Polhill Communications, 48 Artillery Lane, London.

  • Invoice Discounting Selling your sales invoice Discounting Selling your sales invoices (in confidence) to a finance house in exchange for cash.

  • ledger invoices and conversion of electronic stock PO's to invoices and dealing with supplier queries.

  • mistral Internet issues postal invoices for all Services which are payable 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice.

  • overdue invoices.

  • The invoices section index page shows a list of all invoices within the system.

  • reminded of the need to settle invoices with NHS Professionals in a timely manner.

  • Funding - Secured by your sales invoices Bank of Ireland Commercial Finance offers tailored Invoice Finance facilities to assist your cashflow.

  • Nominally, the import duties are moderate, so much so that Bolivia is sometimes called a " free-trade country," but this is a misnomer, for in addition to the schedule rates of io to 40% ad valorem on imports, there are a consular fee of i-% for the registration of invoices exceeding 200 bolivianos, a consumption tax of 10 centavos per quintal (46 kilogrammes), fees for viseing certificates to accompany merchandise in transit, special " octroi " taxes on certain kinds of merchandise controlled by monopolies (spirits, tobacco, &c.), and the import and consumption taxes levied by the departments and municipalities.

  • The American consul is necessarily brought much into touch with the trade and commerce of the country to which he is assigned through the system of consular invoices (see AD Valorem); in his ordinary reports he is not confined to one stereotyped form, and when preparing special reports (a valuable feature of the United States consular service) he is liberally treated as regards any expense to which he has been put in obtaining information.

  • Our invoices also provide Line Item detail allowing you to reclaim the relevant VAT on the full retail price of an item.

  • Thus, all NHS Trusts are reminded of the need to settle invoices with NHS Professionals in a timely manner.

  • With no annual fee or minimum purchase, you get the convenience of online account management, detailed invoices that divide out purchases by driver, flexible payment terms, and even a tax-exempt option.

  • Alternatively, she may prefer to be paid an hourly wage and submit weekly or monthly invoices.

  • Don't buy blank invoices and other common business forms at your local office supply store.

  • An improved wizard offers several standard business documents templates including purchase orders, invoices and timesheets.

  • It controls the limits of specific data that can be entered into a form, such as phone numbers for ordering, or number changes in invoices.

  • Accounting tools include a drop-down list providing easy tracking of sales per staffer and printing of the staffer's name on invoices, orders, and quotes.

  • Quicken's home and Business edition for $89.95 provides tools for managing investments, tax deductions, and the creation and tracking of invoices.

  • Attach electronic images and statements, including canceled checks, invoices, and business receipts to transactions and accounts.

  • Including advertising and promotional material in mailings like invoices saves postage and gets your advertisement into the hands of your customers.

  • When you receive payments from customers, Quickbooks can apply the payment to a number of outstanding invoices.

  • All invoices generated for that customer can be viewed and payment history tracked.

  • This program allows you to print checks, track income and expenses, manage payroll taxes, create invoices and back up your accounting documents.

  • Features include electronic bank reconciliation, project quotes, project tracking, timesheet entry, standard reports and the ability to create customized letterhead for invoices.

  • Does the seller have repair invoices or records?

  • Gift invoices are available but gift wrapping is not.

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