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internet phone

internet phone Sentence Examples

  • VoIP technology helps deliver a high quality internet phone service, using a broadband connection.

  • Digital Enhance Cordless Technology gives you a clear signal, much like using a cable-based Internet phone.

  • The higher speeds can be particularly important for high bandwidth applications like Internet phone services (VoIP), video streaming, and network drive access.

  • Gamers want 3D surround sound for their computer games, Internet phone users want clarity, and music lovers want crispness.

  • This Internet phone service is an excellent tool, suitable for use in-house or on the road, with about 56% cost savings when compared to traditional phone companies (telcos).

  • The Web Toolbar recognizes associate Skype names and phone numbers on WebPages, allowing you can to call them through the Internet phone service with one click.

  • Now, thanks to the explosion of internet applications and services, and especially internet phone services or voice-over-IP (VOIP), video calling right to your desktop is both affordable and real for small businesses.

  • It works with Packet8 residential or business internet phone service, which starts at around $25/month.

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