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intergalactic Sentence Examples

  • Belfair, she explained, in rapid-fire falsetto, was the heroine of a series of intergalactic romances she was writing.

  • "That's all I need," Dean grumbled, "an intergalactic affair."

  • intergalactic adventure, alien encounters and exotic romance.

  • intergalactic space!

  • intergalactic war spills over into everyday life once more in the second exciting volume of Mahoromatic!

  • intergalactic villains really be?

  • intergalactic distances, the quickest path is in fact a curve.

  • intergalactic gas, quasars, and other objects will be presented, and their chemical and structural nature discussed.

  • Please contact Perform for a bespoke quotation on 020 7209 3805 or visit Party Creations Party Creations has gone intergalactic!

  • Intergalactic Trading Company offers patches featuring everything from original series commander's patches to 40th anniversary commemorative designs.

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga: Combining two of the most treasured franchises in gaming and toy history, this game walks you through a great intergalactic story filled with plenty of action and puzzles to enjoy.

  • From there, you can evolve life, build tribes, expand civilizations, and even achieve intergalactic travel.

  • With Spore, you follow the evolution of a species from a single-cell organism to an intergalactic explorer.

  • Going further, Maxis Spore eventually progresses to the point where the gamer takes on an intergalactic perspective, having its creature civilization invade those on other planets.

  • Space Phase: The final frontier, the development of your unique species takes a quantum leap forward as you now work on an intergalactic scale.

  • Not only does it keep your children occupied with the actual folding techniques, they can later use their "gun" to annihilate intergalactic evil forces.

  • As a prequel, the show demonstrated space travel without the convenience of popular franchise technology such as the transporter, phasers and the intergalactic translator.

  • Terraforming and colonization come with inherent risks such as intergalactic war, alien encounters and natural disasters.

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