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inquires Sentence Examples

  • As a teacher of legislation he inquires Of all institutions whether their utility justifies their existence.

  • One naturally inquires why the high speed of wings, and why the progressive increase of speed at their tips and posterior margins?

  • The king inquires into the state of things in 1066 because it is on that state of things that his rights of taxation depend.

  • to), and henceforth he regularly inquires of Yahweh in his movements (I Sam.

  • Holofernes now inquires of the chiefs who are with him about the Israelites,and is answered by Achior the leader of the Ammonites, who enters upon a long historical narrative showing the Israelites to be invincible except when they have offended God.

  • Physics inquires into the same qualities, but does not push its investigations into ultimate reality or reach the more general causes.

  • Physics inquires into the efficient and material causes of things; metaphysics, into the formal and final causes.

  • Instead, the local procurator fiscal inquires into sudden or suspicious deaths.

  • inquires about asset protection.

  • inquires into causes of delay where the target times are exceeded.

  • inquires an intelligent, inquiring, personable girl.

  • inquisitorial in nature and had to conduct inquires and go into the merits of the case.

  • Thus, in the Parmenides, with the paradox of likeness and unlikeness for his text, he inquires how far the cur14nt theories of being (his own included) are capable of providing, not only for knowledge, but also for predication, and in the concluding sentence he suggests that, as likeness and unlikeness, greatness and smallness, &c., are relations, the initial paradox is no longer paradoxical; while in the Sophist, Zeno's doctrine having been shown to be fatal to reason, thought, speech and utterance, the mutual Koevwvia of Elan which are not abra KaO' abra is elaborately demonstrated.

  • The doctor asks parents about the child's earlier toilet training and typical toileting behaviors and inquires about a history of constipation.

  • One study by researchers from the University of Chicago found that men who report annual incomes of more than $250,000 get 156% more inquires from available women than those with incomes of less than $50,000.

  • You don't need inquires that will take two years to go away.

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