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innerwear Sentence Examples

  • Victoria's Secret is one of the best places to shop for all the latest styles in women's slips and other innerwear.

  • offers a selection of great styles and designs in all types of women's innerwear, including slips.

  • has a good selection of premium brands in women's innerwear.

  • Some lingerie articles are questionable as to their innerwear or outerwear status.

  • So these days, what's innerwear or outerwear?

  • If you dropped $400 on an article of clothing, you definitely don't want to have to worry about asking yourself, "Is this innerwear or outerwear?"

  • Can camis, corsets and bustiers really be innerwear or outerwear?

  • The question here isn't really, "innerwear or outerwear?"

  • Wear your "innerwear or outerwear" questionables to the bar, to clubs, out to dinner--even out to shop.

  • You can wear a vinyl corset as innerwear or outerwear.

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