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infomercial Sentence Examples

  • You are slowly building trust, making a name for yourself, and not producing an infomercial.

  • infomercial products come from the U.S. but then again we export our talents as well.

  • Her television infomercial Making Love Work is one of the most successful relationship programs of its kind.

  • At Monex you might be overwhelmed by the "infomercial" look of the website, but they offer lots of information and guides to help you purchase gold.

  • In follow-up advertisements on the Internet and in print, the words "as seen on TV" would identify the product as one previously introduced through an infomercial.

  • In an infomercial hosted by Leeza Gibbons and Melissa Gilbert, celebrities discuss how well the product covers blemishes and evens skin tone.

  • While the testimonies on the infomercial may be spectacular, these three little words show that those same testimonies are the best of the best results.

  • Enleve products can be very difficult to find today - like most infomercial products, the company enjoyed great success for an extremely short period of time.

  • Don't simply decide that you're ready to become a real estate mogul because an infomercial has convinced you of your destiny.

  • A basic infomercial touting the glories of the Snuggie was starting to generate interest, but some people saw it as ripe for parody.

  • You can view videos on how the unit works as well as see the original infomercial.

  • As with most infomercial claims, people tend to be a bit skeptical when they first hear that a product is "revolutionary."

  • Infomercial Review: Infomercial Review has several user submitted reviews covering everything from the device functionality to the recipe books designed for the Health Master.

  • features staff writer Conor Griff's coverage of the infomercial for the Health Master blender.

  • The HealthMaster infomercial is a popular staple on the late-night and early morning infomercial time slots as it is more professionally filmed than traditional infomercials and mimics the look and feel of a morning talk show.

  • It's not often that an infomercial product is so well received by those that make the impulse decision to purchase it, but the Ninja Master Prep certainly seems to be the exception to the rule.

  • The bottom line with all infomercial products is does it work or not?

  • Making a business video takes as much time and effort as making a short television infomercial.

  • When it comes to exercises to eliminate belly fat, don't fall for gimmicks or the latest infomercial special.

  • I will also have a raw infomercial so people can order everything easier, but all my books and products will be in every store soon as well.

  • The results of the study indicated that the bicycle maneuver, the captain's chair, the reverse curl and the vertical leg crunch ranked high and many of the exercise infomercial abdominal machines were not effective.

  • Generally speaking, you're better off sticking to a tried-and-true form of exercise than the latest, greatest infomercial equipment.

  • Interestingly, her grandfather is the inventor of the Ginsu knives, and her cousin is infomercial guru Ron Popeil.

  • Yes, you may have to sound like an infomercial at times, but if you aren't energetic about your own reality show idea, how can you expect the buyers to get energetic?

  • Kevin Harrington is known as one of the pioneers of the infomercial industry.

  • He was part of the very first infomercial in 1984 and has become the CEO of

  • Anyone who has ever watched a late night television infomercial understands the value of video as a means of marketing a product.

  • Today, one does not need to pay for an expensive TV infomercial.

  • It makes all kinds of information easy to find - including a Google Map widget, which subtly shows their awareness of web 2.0 media, and their blog is full of helpful informative posts that do not seem like simply an infomercial.

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