Impenitent sentence examples

  • The handing over of impenitent persons, and those who had relapsed, to the secular power, and their punishment, did not usually take place on the occasion of an auto-da-fe, properly so called.

  • Should the accused, after the testimony against him had been made public, continue to deny the charge, he was to be condemned as impenitent.

  • He lived several years after his expulsion and appears to have died impenitent.

  • 38-42), and the penitent and the impenitent thief (xxiii.

  • The lesser (niddah) involved exclusion from the synagogue for thirty days, and other penalties, and might be renewed if the offender remained impenitent.

  • As Tresham died impenitent, his corpse was beheaded, and the head is to be set up at Northampton.

  • the sale of tithes, the taking of a fee for confession, absolution, marriage or burial, the concealment of one in mortal sin or the reconcilement of an impenitent for the sake of gain, and the doing homage for spiritualities.

  • 222); and his contemporary, Pope Boniface IX., complained of their absolving even impenitent sinners for ridiculously small sums (pro qualibet parva pecuniarum summula, Raynaldus, Ann.

  • It was at Taunton that Disraeli fell upon O'Connell, rather ungratefully; whereupon the Liberator was roused to retort on his assailant vehemently as "a liar," and humorously as a probable descendant of the impenitent thief.

  • impenitent sinners.

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