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illusionist Sentence Examples

  • We've just completed the second part of a two-stage website project for psychological illusionist Derren Brown.

  • As ever, the American illusionist will be seeking maximum public exposure for his stunt.

  • Another in a succession of films made by the famous illusionist and one of the first films to utilize stop-motion techniques.

  • Also featuring Warner Pidgeon as Elvis Presley and amazing illusionist Ian Vallance.

  • David Blaine Magic Tricks Revealed Everyone loves to watch a good illusionist at work.

  • master illusionist Mark Wilson has compiled the most comprehensive magic " teach-in " ever assembled.

  • Those seeking an intense curl for their lashes will revel in the Illusionist Waterproof Maximum Curling Mascara.

  • Previous films include Elizabethtown and The Illusionist.

  • Film roles soon followed, and Biel has won critical praise for her roles in films such as The Illusionist, Next, and Easy Virtue.

  • You'll find family-friendly entertainment in Las Vegas, also, with shows featuring such entertainers as the illusionist David Copperfield and the universally popular Cirque de Soleil.

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