Illumine sentence example

  • At sunrise, turning to the east, they prayed that the light of truth might illumine their minds, and then returned to their studies.
  • The ' secret mutual connivance ' is not an idea that either astrologers or Jung the scientist finds easy to see or illumine.
  • It might be supposed that all possible methods had now been considered, and that a combination of the three methods which have established their validity in relation to the interpretation of the Apocalypse would be adequate to the solution of all the problems of the book, but this is not so; for even when each in turn has vindicated the provinces in the book that rightly belong to it, and brought intelligibility into these areas, there still remain outlying regions which they fail to illumine.
  • He did not really illumine or convert great Armenia, for the people were in the main already converted by Syrian missionaries to the Adoptionist or Ebionite type of faith which was dominant in the far East, and was afterwards known as Nestorianism.