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icebreaker Sentence Examples

  • Every so often I use an icebreaker to get things flowing between me and my entrepreneur clients.

  • Some tips for you: Everyone loves sparklers and they make a nice icebreaker before your display.

  • Our displays provide the perfect icebreaker, bringing your guests face to face with marine life from the furthest reaches of the globe.

  • An antique dress or even just a vintage handbag can be a great icebreaker.

  • Plan to spend time on deck and on the Bridge watching our powerful icebreaker at work and looking out for polar bears.

  • The food isn't exactly top notch but this Italian is really friendly, noisy and works as a good icebreaker.

  • icebreaker operations.

  • icebreaker activities at the start of the course.

  • icebreaker hull, we navigate high latitude waterways closed to conventional shipping.

  • icebreaker ship.

  • icebreaker exercise which aims to facilitate ongoing interaction between members of online learning groups.

  • icebreaker games you could try - you may have played some at church or on camps.

  • Try the Icebreaker Printed Singlet or the Mountain Hardware No Nut Tee.

  • It can be used as an icebreaker at a gathering, be used as a tip, or adorn a desk or coffee table as a display piece.

  • Playing a few free card games is an excellent way to occupy some spare time when you're bored, and it's a great icebreaker at parties.

  • Try clicking the icebreaker button on SpeedDate that generates a random fun question to discuss.

  • If you find someone interesting, you can start sending her a "smiles" which is an icebreaker.

  • This icebreaker is a question for the person to answer so you can get to know her better before contacting her directly.

  • Humor is also always an effective icebreaker.

  • Another fun icebreaker is to attach a label to the back of each guest with the name of a famous person on it.

  • Family reunion games for adults can serve as an icebreaker for those relatives who haven't spoken in years, or perhaps haven't even met face to face before.

  • A possible icebreaker activity is to ask each group to create a team name, slogan, logo or other sign of solidarity.

  • Icebreaker games give guests a chance to relax and get to know each other, and they can turn an awkward occasion into a rocking party!

  • If party guests are an intimate group of friends who frequently hang out together, then icebreaker games really aren't needed.

  • However, if the party you host is filled with people who do not know each other, icebreaker games can offer guests an opportunity to let down their guard a bit, laugh, and have some fun.

  • Icebreaker games are great for corporate gatherings, newcomer meetings, and newly formed clubs and organizations.

  • During this icebreaker, guests partner up with somebody they don't know and ask them a list of questions.

  • Icebreaker games can ease the tension in a room full of strangers, and they can also get the fun started in a hurry.

  • If you have any other icebreaker games you'd like to share, please do so in the comments section of this article.

  • This old game is a good icebreaker, especially at a party where some of the guests do not know many people.

  • Fun facts memory game: This is a great icebreaker, especially if the party includes new people.

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