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ice-blue Sentence Examples

  • Erik challenged, ice blue eyes falling to him.

  • Erik challenged, ice blue eyes falling to him.

  • This particular collection of digital cameras comes in a variety of colors, including red, pink, purple, cranberry and ice blue.

  • Brides interested in colored wedding dresses often choose a rich ruby, burgundy, or emerald gown instead, or a white dress can have a bit of holiday color with accents in red, green, silver, gold, or ice blue.

  • Bolle Vigilante Multi-Lens Sunglasses: This pair comes in an ice blue lens and is available for $119.00.

  • Shades like steel grey, ice blue and cranberry keep this Vogue collection looking fresh and new.

  • The ice blue and navy colors arrived a few days after the Crystal White and then four months later, Nintendo added the Noble Pink color.

  • The following year, Nintendo of Australia shipped Ice Blue DS Lites for a limited time.

  • You can also order a variety of special edition consoles that are not normally available in North America, including the Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite.

  • Floral See Thru Mini: This floral see through bikini is done in a cool ice blue tone and features intricate floral designs on both the top and bottom of the suit.

  • Color: White candles are the most popular, but holiday colors such as red, green, gold, ivory, or ice blue can be equally attractive for window decorations.

  • It may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but we highly recommend this sandal in ice blue.

  • The overall look, particularly in the ice blue color, is one of chic mod-cool - a look that's never out of style!

  • MAO08572-polished steel band, 1 diamond set into crown, polished steel casing, ice-blue dial.

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