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hyperventilation Sentence Examples

  • alkalosis caused by hyperventilation.

  • This increase in CSF acidity causes hyperventilation which lowers the carbon dioxide concentration in the blood.

  • The contribution of the respiratory rhythm to sinus arrhythmia in normal unanesthetized subjects during mechanical hyperventilation with positive pressure.

  • hyperventilation syndrome.

  • hyperventilation results in nerve and muscle irritability and muscle spasms.

  • hyperventilation in patients with proven epilepsy.

  • Panic attacks with hyperventilation and fear of suffocation often worsens the sensation of breathlessness.

  • Hyperventilation hypoxia CPAP refers to a treatment for obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS).

  • OHS patients experience low oxygen saturation levels during the day and the night because of shallow breathing (hyperventilation) often related to obesity.

  • Hyperventilation hypoxia CPAP can help a patient lose the weight they need to lose to decrease their risks for recurring OHS.

  • However, if a patient has a seizure disorder, a seizure may be triggered by the flashing lights or hyperventilation.

  • Intracranial pressure is monitored and, if elevated, is treated with drugs such as mannitol and barbiturates placing the patient on a ventilator so that hyperventilation can be used.

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