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hypersensitive Sentence Examples

  • Her skin remained so hypersensitive that she could sense people walking around her bed.

  • Platelets from men and women with diabetes are often hypersensitive in vitro to platelet aggregating agents.

  • Leaves can be skin irritant and or make skin hypersensitive to sunlight.

  • hypersensitive reaction toward food is usually a type 1 allergic reaction to something in the diet.

  • hypersensitive response.

  • hypersensitive cell death and the involvement of both nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide.

  • hypersensitive sites revealed constitutive elements that flank the globin locus (blue arrows ).

  • hypersensitive state ' .

  • hypersensitive skin.

  • The result: UNHCR has become hypersensitive to the wishes of donor governments.

  • nutrient agar, but were able to induce hypersensitive reaction on tobacco leaves.

  • Thus, the researchers suggest that young untransformed petunias are hypersensitive to sudden increase in proline.

  • This nervous excitability was inherited, though' not to the same excess, by Octave, whose mother died in his infancy and left him to the care of the hypersensitive invalid.

  • Some hypersensitive people have unique chemical reactions in the brain that cause them to respond much more strongly to stress.

  • Multiple stings can have much more severe consequences, such as anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction that occurs in children who are hypersensitive to the venom.

  • In hypersensitive individuals even a tiny amount of allergen can cause a severe allergic reaction.

  • Some infants are hypersensitive to stimuli, and their crying will get worse if they receive any more than a minimum of comforting, such as parental holding or cuddling.

  • Hypersensitive infants cry in response to new experiences that do not normally upset other babies; ordinary comforting measures, such as holding, rocking, feeding, or swaddling do not work and may even make the crying worse.

  • In hypersensitive individuals even a tiny amount of allergen can cause a severe allergic reaction.

  • People with AD may be hypersensitive to irritants because they have abnormally low levels of interferon-gamma in their systems.

  • However, as energetic as they are, there is still a tendency for them to be a bit hypersensitive, and a tad gossipy.

  • Remember that autistic children may be hypersensitive to certain sensory stimuli.

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