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huffing Sentence Examples

  • A few minutes of huffing later, she opened the door.

  • While the sole down stairs room would have saved considerable huffing and puffing, Dean feared the smaller quarters and especially the bed would not adequately accommodate the woman's substantial mass.

  • A few minutes of huffing later, she opened the door.

  • A good posture and breathing exercises and huffing technique will also help with expectorating if the patient is not too frail.

  • much huffing & puffing made the friendly owner doubt our story about where we planned to cycle in the days to come.

  • They went inside, and sat down, still huffing and puffing.

  • If you have a tall cat tree, consider moving it into the room where the dog crate is so the cat gets used to all the sounds the dog makes (i.e. snoring, huffing, barking, moving in the crate).

  • Inhalants - Commonly known as huffing, teens who use inhalants get high off the fumes from household cleaners, spray paint, and other substances.

  • You play the game as Ethan Cole, a character whose voice is credited as David Duchovny, though you wouldn't realize it because it sounds like he's taken to huffing chloroform before stepping into the voice acting booth.

  • Taking cocaine through the nose ("snorting") or inhalant abuse ("sniffing" or "huffing") are the most common causes of chemical damage to the nose in older children or teenagers.

  • Movement that requires a faster pace and more effort and gets you huffing and puffing to catch your breath is anaerobic.

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