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housewares Sentence Examples

  • This covers books, music, movies, electronics, housewares, and more.

  • Not only will you find those types of coupons for toys, but also for electronics, housewares, appliances and sporting goods.

  • Bromwell Housewares are historic keepsakes but don't be afraid to use them.

  • LTD Commodities sells housewares, gifts, clothing and home décor items in low price ranges.

  • Then take a look at Claire's Accessories, Fossil and LeSportsac For housewares, visit Calphalon Kitchen Outlet, Country Rose, Kitchen Collection, Le Creuset and Restoration Hardware.

  • The Albertville Outlet Mall contains many high-end retail stores plus well-known stores that offer discounted prices on lots of merchandise like clothes, toys, shoes, jewelry, furniture and housewares, gifts and even luggage.

  • For housewares, check out Corningware Corelle and Revere outlet, Kitchen Collection, Le Creuset and Le Gourmet Chef.

  • The North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall provides bargain lovers in the Peach State a massive selection of shops to choose from, each one offering up tremendous savings on everything from clothing and electronics to housewares and jewelry.

  • They also rent and sell housewares like vacuums, irons and bedding.

  • The qualities of bamboo as a building material have long been recognized in many parts of the world and items such as bamboo flooring and bamboo housewares are becoming increasingly popular.

  • However, the company also makes products for the garden, as well as housewares and outdoor recreation items.

  • Housewares: Looking to buy a gift for someone going away to college?

  • While housewares are needed and appreciated by most newly married couples, gifts associated with organizing, cleaning, and maintaining the household are more unusual and perhaps even more appreciated.

  • Though recent trends reflect a more relaxed style regarding housewares, dinnerware is definitely still "in."

  • Most major department stores and even some housewares stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond carry several lines from each china manufacturer.

  • Over the years, the business evolved to include the production of tea kettles and other housewares, and today the company is the leading manufacturer of tea kettles.

  • Some department stores carry them, and some bedding and housewares stores stock special pillows for moms-to-be.

  • Whether you're looking for stylish clothes, hot housewares or fashionable furniture, Union Square is an amazing place to shop!

  • This housewares store does allow you to place the food processor on a gift or wedding registry.

  • The Magic Bullet food processor from Homeland Housewares is able to chop many food items in a short amount of time, usually ten seconds or less.

  • All GE models come with a user's manual, or you can download one online at the GE housewares website.

  • The Aroma Housewares website contains downloadable manuals for dozens of the company's rice cooker models.

  • The Magic Bullet is manufactured and marketed by Homeland Housewares.

  • If repair or replacement is not feasible, Homeland Housewares will issue a refund of the purchase price.

  • Check your local mass merchandise stores like Wal Mart and Target or look in the housewares sections of your favorite department stores like Kohl's, Belk and others.

  • Housewares and Beyond - This is just a basic white votive holder filled with candle wax and a wick, ready to light.

  • They offer a full line of clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products and housewares.

  • Sears - Besides offering appliances, clothes and housewares, you can also find Mudd shoes and boots here.

  • While still primarily comprised of women in the sales force, more men are entering the field because product lines have diversified and some men feel more comfortable selling vitamins, supplements and services than cosmetics or housewares.

  • Discount retailers with extensive housewares departments, such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls, are also good places to find food storage containers.

  • Etsy is a place for creative types to display and sell their creations, from jewelry to paper goods, bath products to housewares.

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