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houseguests Sentence Examples

  • The other houseguests had left earlier and separately after asking directions to one of the few winter restaurants that remained open in Ouray.

  • The other houseguests had left earlier and separately after asking directions to one of the few winter restaurants that remained open in Ouray.

  • This time around, former Surreal Life celebrity houseguests will be competing for the top prize.

  • Former Surreal Life houseguests will compete for a $100,000 prize.

  • In later seasons, the houseguests themselves became responsible for eliminating another person each week.

  • The houseguests (as they are known on the show), are eventually evicted one by one, until the last remaining inhabitant wins the prize.

  • The houseguests vote each other off the show, and producers assign them various tasks and challenges to complete.

  • Some men bring her gifts while others sing songs for her, but perhaps the most stunning performance by one of the houseguests was the foot massage by one of the men that evolved into him sucking her toes with great exuberance.

  • The concept behind Big Brother After Dark was a result of producers noticing that the houseguests were most active with all their plotting and scheming during this three hour time frame.

  • You'll see more profanity, more plotting, more "extracurricular" activities amongst the houseguests and maybe a little insight as to why they behave the way the do (which is sometimes a little crazy).

  • For whatever reason (maybe the chance of a little nudity or lascivious hookup) the camera crew likes to film the houseguests taking showers.

  • Chelsea and Sheila - No hook up here, but Chelsea expresses her interest in wanting to be more than houseguests with Sheila in season nine.

  • Each week, during a series of competitions, two houseguests are nominated for eviction.

  • The rest of the houseguests vote for who should be sent packing.

  • In the end, the winner of the game is chosen by a jury made up of evicted houseguests, and the winner gets $500,000 in prize money.

  • The Head of Household -as well as the two nominees- are not allowed to vote, and the rest of the houseguests are called in one by one to deliver their votes privately to the host, Julie Chen.

  • Each season of Big Brother has a different theme, which is reflected in the house decor, competitions, and sometimes even with the houseguests themselves.

  • Season 4, The Ex-Factor - Ten of the houseguests were former couples who had broken up.

  • In addition, two other houseguests, Nakomis and Michael, discovered that they were half-brother and half-sister.

  • Season 7, All Stars - Houseguests from past seasons were voted into the house by viewers and given the chance to play again.

  • Season 8 - There was an enemy twist in season 8, during which three of the houseguests learned that their arch-rivals would be entering the house and playing against them.

  • At the final two, Danielle Reyes and Lisa Donahue were the last two houseguests standing.

  • This is true of the game as well as the houseguests.

  • Michele Noonan competed on Big Brother 11, a season that divided the houseguests into teams based on stereotypical labels.

  • LTK: Do you still keep in touch with any of the season 11 houseguests?

  • I also would be really excited to see how I stack up against the best players, and would be thrilled to be responsible for evicting some houseguests I don't like.

  • I visualized a room with 500,000 dollar bills every day to get through weeks of being a Have Not, mental abuse from my fellow houseguests, injuries from competitions and isolation from society.

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