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Hor sentence examples

  • Hor (perhaps Jebel Madera) are represented as lying on its border (Num.

  • Hor.

  • Hor; the latter is an unidentified site on the border of Edom (Num.

  • Another Mount Hor is mentioned in Num.

  • hor.

  • Mount Hor >>

  • It includes three divisions - the Djiung ling, which describes the invasion of part of Tibet by the Djiung or Moso; the Hor ling, which recounts the conquest of the Hor (Turk tribes) by the Tibetans, and conveys much historical information in a tale of magic and marvel; and the Djia ling (Chinese division), which narrates a contest of unknown date between the Tibetans and the Chinese.

  • Persons who had recovered from an illness offered anathemata in the temples of Asclepius (Aesculapius); those who had escaped from shipwreck offered their clothes, or, if these had been lost, a lock of hair, to Neptune (Hor.

  • From the impression stamped on his remains, and from the testimony of his countrymen, we think of him as a man of a robust, sagacious and cheerful nature (Hor.

  • 5); of great industry and versatility; combining imaginative enthusiasm and a vein of religious mysticism with a sceptical indifference to popular beliefs and a scorn of religious imposture; and tempering the grave seriousness of a Roman with a genial capacity for enjoyment (Hor.

  • 75; Hor.

  • From the `Araba travellers approach by a track which leads round Jebel Harun (Mt Hor) and enters the plain of Petra from the south; it is just possible to find a way in from the high plateau on the north; but the most impressive entrance is from the east, down a dark and narrow gorge, in places only to or 12 ft.

  • MOUNT HOR (iv), the scene in the Bible of Aaron's death, situated "in the edge of the land of Edom" (Num.

  • It has been doubtfully suggested that for Hor we should here read Hadrach, the name of a northern country near Damascus, mentioned only once in the Bible (Zech.

  • The Hor.

  • Garde Manger: This is the "cold chef." The garde manger (gard mon-zhay) uses artistic skill to create cold dishes like hor d'oeuvres, pate, salads, and relishes.

  • It's a party atmosphere with live music and hor d'oeuvres for the nibbling while you wait in line or meander about.

  • de Nino's charming collection of Usi e costumi abruzzesi), their country being in Rome counted the home of witchcraft; see Hor.

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