Heeded sentence examples

  • But we little heeded these things.

  • His prayer was heeded, and in 1868 he and his country were taken under British protection.

  • As a matter of fact, most of the advice she has received and heeded has led to excisions rather than to additions.

  • increased to ten: The town, never very prosperous since the Conquest, had then fallen into great decay, but the petitions of the burgesses for a charter were not heeded till 1573 when Elizabeth incorporated it under a mayor and common council.

  • Slocum's order forbidding the organization of militia in Mississippi, and Schurz's valuable report (afterwards published as an executive document), suggesting the readmission of the states with complete rights and the investigation of the need of further legislation by a Congressional committee, was not heeded by the President.

  • Through the ages, people have heeded a calling to sacred places within and without.

  • While new visitors may feel intimidated by such tactics, polite (and insistent) refusal is usually heeded without trouble.

  • These messages have been heeded - pct mergers are currently off the political agenda.

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