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hardworking Sentence Examples

  • The hardworking Asians (and also the elders) do not want this aggravation.

  • Hardworking Holmes was to have a memorable second half, creating two breakaway tries with long runs from midfield.

  • Kept in good condition by a hardworking and extremely competent greenkeeper.

  • inheritance tax hits hardworking middle-income earners the hardest, pilfering an asset families have spent their lives working for.

  • The hardworking PTFA helped to raise the money for the excellent outdoor fitness area which has proven to be very popular at school playtimes.

  • Time shifts and hardworking, career-minded individuals become gardeners, golfers, and travelers.

  • The models suit the active and the hardworking person.

  • Since Kmart makes a point of promoting from within, the company is always on the lookout for hardworking people that it can train for more responsible positions.

  • Not only is this a mature and hardworking team, but many of these ladies hold such high powered jobs as a stock market analyst, or are partners in business.

  • These inexpensive and hardworking small appliances are an integral part of most people's lives.

  • The motors in these processors are sturdy and hardworking to handle large jobs and provide the reliability found in other durable KitchenAid appliances like the popular stand mixers.

  • If you still cannot sell off all your cards, give them as thank you presents to your organization's hardworking volunteers - and at least internally you will reap rewards.

  • Meanwhile, the hardworking Virgo may think that Libra is kind of lazy.

  • I rather admire a hardworking guy and I am very busy myself, but it seems to be a bit much to me.

  • Those born in the year of the Rat are hardworking and shrewd.

  • Dogs are hardworking, intelligent and practical.

  • They are hardworking, trustful and sincere.

  • A telesvision fixture since 1999, SpongeBob is a silly, goofy, hardworking, and lovable yellow sponge who can make just about anybody giggle.

  • Once you arrive at the station, see if you can take a tour of the fire truck and let your kids pay their gratitude to the hardworking, helping hands in your city.

  • By the 1940s, the "shoe with the beautiful fit" was recognized by hardworking women as one of the few brands that could be relied upon to meld prettiness and practicality into a heel that would last until you were ready for new shoes.

  • Of course, the program would be nothing without its hardworking crew.

  • It was founded during a time where several scam artists were running amuck and taking advantage of honest, hardworking people.

  • Oatmeal makes for a soap that works well at soothing hardworking hands.

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