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handicaps Sentence Examples

  • His vanity, his pride of opinion and his inborn contentiousness were serious handicaps to him in his political career.

  • sensory handicaps in Children, R Fitt, H Mason, Developing Horizons in Special Education Series No. 9, 1986.

  • If successful this will prevent the brain damage that accounts for so many neurological handicaps in children.

  • I tend not to focus too much on jockeys in sprint handicaps, bar the obvious.

  • We have received a lot of feedback from our non runners in 16 runner handicaps article.

  • I know you avoid handicaps and maidens but I still seem to pick a loser.

  • sprint handicaps, bar the obvious.

  • He was impetuous, intense and often vehement, unflinchingly courageous, devoted with his whole soul to the cause he had espoused; but his vanity, his pride of opinion and his inborn contentiousness were serious handicaps to him in his political career.

  • As with many other sports, pool players are graded on their ability through a system of handicaps.

  • Young children with physical handicaps, mental delays or mental illness, and complex medical conditions have become the fastest-growing foster care population.

  • Infants who are premature, mentally retarded, or have physical handicaps are more likely to provoke abuse from their caregiver than are infants without such problems.

  • Outcomes include an increased risk of long-term neurologic and behavioral handicaps, possible intrauterine demise, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), and low body temperature (hypothermia).

  • It often is used for assessing children with speech, language, or hearing impairments, academic handicaps, or brain impairments, and for children who do not speak English.

  • Beginning in 1830, enumerators asked questions regarding physical or mental handicaps and citizenship.

  • In more modern times, the draft registrations would include physical characteristics, including any handicaps, next of kin and occupation.

  • Both physical handicaps and chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, may be easier to manage in a home environment than in a traditional school setting.

  • Participating in, sponsoring and supporting rehabilitation programs for veterans with disabilities and handicaps including amputees, the blind and paraplegics.

  • Raising children with disabilities, handicaps, or special needs creates unique challenges for parents.

  • Physical handicaps or disabilities: The more assistance a traveler needs, the higher the risk.

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