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half slip

half slip

half slip Sentence Examples

  • Some women also use the half-slip with other types of clothing like short dresses that are made of sheer materials.

  • Full slips can also give the appearance of a more uniform look as opposed to the performance of a half slip.

  • Otherwise, it's a good idea to wear either a half-slip or a full slip beneath a thin, chiffon dress.

  • American Intimates has a practical half-slip to go under all your favorite slightly sheer skirts.

  • Fig Leaves has another half-slip from Hanky Panky.

  • The half-slip may be a mini slip, average or full-length garment.

  • An average half-slip comes to the knee or slightly above the knee.

  • SPANX Lust Have High-Waist Half Slip: Get maximum tummy minimization with this SPANX high waisted half slip.

  • SPANX Hide and Seek Lace Trim Half Slip: Sexy lace trim gives this half slip a feminine feel.

  • A search on, for example, could end in a beautiful mango-colored half slip.

  • You should be able to find a half slip anywhere you can purchase lingerie.

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