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gridiron Sentence Examples

  • The city was laid out as a gridiron of parallel streets, each of which had an attendant subterranean canal.

  • The on-field action has always been tight, somehow finding just the right combination of arcade and sim-style play to satisfy gridiron junkies and stave off some serious competition over the years.

  • The port is provided with four dry docks and a gridiron, and its quays exceed 5 m.

  • barbacoa), originally a framework on posts placed over a fire on which to dry or smoke meat; hence, a gridiron for roasting whole animals, and in Cuba an upper floor on which fruit or grain is stored.

  • As they pass away southwards this gridiron formation strikes with a gentle curve westwards, the narrow enclosed valleys widening out towards the sources of the rivers, where ages of denudation have worn down the folds and filled up the hollows with fruitful soil, until at last they touch the central waterdivide, the key of the whole system, on the Quetta plateau.

  • If you're in the mood to hit the gridiron for real, there are some seriously terrific football games to play on just about every video game system under the sun.

  • The amount of Madden 10 game modes in the newest game continues to support gamers that just want to jump in a play an occasional game, as well as the gamer who wants to rule the gridiron by controlling everything.

  • The railway map of the state thus has roughly the appearance of a gridiron.

  • The prophecy was fulfilled, and Lawrence was sentenced to be burnt alive on a gridiron.

  • Of this the chief wits and great men of the nation were members and its badge was a gridiron.

  • He brought also a bourgeois guard of honor, a fine troop, which melted away in battle like butter on a hot gridiron.

  • gridiron pattern of straight walks and beds shown in a plan of 1746.

  • gridiron career.

  • gridiron game players may get breaks, but cheerleaders go flat out for three and a half hours in all weathers.

  • gridiron football quarterback at high school, and enrolled at Yale to study medicine before transferring to art.

  • gridiron star acting up over there.

  • He was a wrestler and gridiron football quarterback at high school, and enrolled at Yale to study medicine before transferring to art.

  • The punishment of the gridiron and the speech of the martyr are probably a reminiscence of the Phrygian martyrs, as related by Socrates (iii.

  • In this way, the things that you should consider are quite different than the functional purposes a jersey can serve on the gridiron.

  • CBS Sports Fantasy News: CBS Sports is the place to go to see your favorite gridiron warriors every Sunday.

  • If you're looking for a more casual gridiron experience, playing free online football video games is a much more viable (and affordable) option to consider.

  • Ask any football fanatic what is the best series out there for hitting up the gridiron, and the same name will inevitably come up: John Madden.

  • When they hit the gridiron, they come ready to play.

  • Madden NFL Football brought the excitement and thrills of gridiron play to our fingertips.

  • While the Blitz franchise from Midway may have made a few tweaks to the traditional game, NFL Street 2 turns the gridiron on its head.

  • Hit the gridiron with Madden NFL 10, a truly immersive football game with all of your favorite players and teams.

  • Gridiron madness has never been so great.

  • Gray began playing Little League football when she was just four years old and the love for the Gridiron has stuck with her ever since.

  • On a really hot night, you'll want the Gridiron Glitz Boy Short, a lady's boxer brief in red with gold elastic.

  • Railways gridiron the province, which contains over one-third the total mileage of the dominion; their construction is aided by provincial and municipal subsidies, in addition to that paid by the federal government.

  • The original city of Seleucus was laid out in imitation of the "gridiron" plan of Alexandria by the architect, Xenarius.

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