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glutton Sentence Examples

  • Could do both, but Sarah would call me a glutton.

  • They walked to the music room with Jackson grumbling "glutton for punishment" and "own worst enemy," under his breath.

  • Could do both, but Sarah would call me a glutton.

  • glutton for punishment, year later Tom left for Ecuador to do the same!

  • glutton for work and with him discomforts count not, says Bruce.

  • If you are a real glutton for punishment, why not start up a local alumni group in your area?

  • The weasel, the fox and the hare are exceedingly common, as also are the wolf and the bear in the N., but the glutton (Gulo borealis), the lynx and the elk (C. alces) are rapidly disappearing.

  • Characteristic of the high mountainous region are the arctic fox, the glutton and the lemming, whose singular intermittent migrations to the lowlands have a considerable temporary influence on the distribution of beasts and birds of prey.

  • To the first class belong the Busiris, in which Heracles is represented as a voracious glutton; the Marriage of Hebe, remarkable for a lengthy list of dainties.

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