Gingerly sentence examples

  • Lisa gingerly settled her body on the couch.

  • She gingerly untangled herself from some thorny vines and tried to stand.

  • Rob walked gingerly across the rocks, wincing.

  • Megan gingerly accepted the tool, gripping the smooth wooden handle with both hands.

  • He quickened his step and his breath came in spurts as he gingerly climbed the stairs toward their rooms.

  • Xander gingerly pulled the necklace free and rearranged her hair.

  • She touched a branch gingerly, uncertain if the trees here were sensitive to touch or not.

  • She ate gingerly, her head aching from both her hangover and her mental breakdown.

  • Fred examined the small bone and handed it back to Cynthia who gingerly dropped it into a small crystal jewelry box on her bureau.

  • She crept around the bed and leaned on it gingerly, watching for signs of him waking.

  • She rifled gingerly through the boxes, afraid of uncovering a stash of tarantula cats.

  • Dean gingerly checked the pant's pockets but they were empty.

  • She moved past him and gingerly felt behind the stove until her fingers closed around the shaker.

  • She gingerly picked the grizzly trophy up from the barn floor and tossed it in the trash bucket.

  • Dean smiled as the two walked away and then gingerly mounted his bike, renewing a few aches and minor pains.

  • She touched his cheek gingerly.

  • She stared at his broad back, testing a hand full of his Jacket gingerly.

  • Turned on and starving, she gingerly crawled across the bed and settled beside him on her belly, pausing guiltily before lapping up the bubbles of blood.

  • A group of bikers stopped with a squeal of brakes and ran down the slight embankment to his side just as he gingerly moved him­self to a sitting position.

  • Gingerly, he played out more rope and descended lower, the slope now near-vertical so the toe of his crampon bit into the rock-hard ice.

  • Business success is akin to gingerly stepping on eggshells while crossing a minefield with hope that nothing will explode.

  • I slid gingerly down a dense bank of undergrowth to a spot where a deep slack on the inside might just hold a barbel.

  • planking totally removed and we had to gingerly shuffle over iron supports to stay out of deeper water.

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