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freakish Sentence Examples

  • In a matter of ten minutes, her world turned into a freakish nightmare.

  • Panic stirred at the idea of Gabriel dragging her to some freakish underworld.

  • You're some sort of freakish non-human, aren't you?

  • Would there be lots of people there with four arms or something freakish?

  • This man seemed to accept her freakish powers, until he spoke again.

  • At some point, her life had gone from crappy to freakish.

  • Not when I have a guarantee from some freakish stranger I met in a dark alley.

  • Right now, he's useless to them and anyone else, just an immortal whose freakish power should've landed him on my list long, long ago, she said.

  • Everyman figures, despite being freakish and terrifying in real life.

  • freakish ability to twist your normal arm 360 degrees around with bone crunching sound.

  • freakish own goal with five minutes to go!

  • freakish weather pattern.

  • freakish talent, Saratoga may have suffused Sheikh Mohammed with a hazardous sense of vindication.

  • But they make no bones that it will be tough, and the kids respond with an almost freakish level of discipline and maturity.

  • Blue black is too dark and will look not so much striking and alien as possibly slightly freakish.

  • It was considered too freakish an idea and rejected.

  • Freemasons in some freakish clan colluding to deny house price falls?

  • gapewas left there gaping, stunned by the freakish weather pattern.

  • Australia still seethes today over a freakish Edgbaston dismissal which Border, with a healthy dollop of bias, believed had changed the series.

  • freakish accident.

  • freakish nature.

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