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Foaling sentence examples

  • Roxana threw in 1732 the bay colt Lath by the Godolphin Arabian, the sorrel colt Roundhead by Childers in 1733, and the bay colt Cade by the Godolphin Arabian in 1734, in which year she died within a fortnight after foaling, the produce-Cade-being reared on cow's milk.

  • A brood mare requires plenty of exercise at a slow pace and may work, except between shafts or on a road, till the day of foaling.

  • Mares most readily conceive when served at the " foal heat " eleven days after foaling.

  • foaling boxes (4 x 4m ), each with automatic drinkers.

  • Previously immunized mares should receive a booster one month before foaling to ensure colostral antibody protection against tetanus in the newborn foal.

  • The mare should be vaccinated against tetanus and equine influenza 4 weeks prior to foaling.

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