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flounce Sentence Examples

  • With adjustable spaghetti straps, it is 26 " in length and has a flounce at the hem.

  • flounce of flouncing around, a cat-fight over a patron and his glittery trinket - oooh!

  • Party dresses are already fun celebratory items, but when they are cut down to diminutive infant sizes the cute factor increases, as often does the fluff and flounce.

  • Unlike birthday and holiday dresses, parties geared towards higher or more somber issues require a dress code that features less flounce, less patterns and more solid colors and straight-lined designs.

  • This black lace evening dress by Lucia has a glamorous vintage style with asymmetric draping, an asymmetric flounce hemline and a lovely hand beaded design.

  • Flounce Skirt-A loose skirt with some swing, the flounce skirt has a small slit on the side for movement and fashion.

  • British "fancy dress," were very much about flounce.

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