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floaty Sentence Examples

  • ethereal floaty vocals with a cosmic angelic twist to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • floaty dresses.

  • floaty flag things, and beating in time with sticks, all very sweet.

  • floaty black skirt that wavers around the edge.

  • floaty vocals with a cosmic angelic twist to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • floaty feathers and a soft rose in a choice of colors.

  • floaty fabrics still quite popular.

  • From floaty gypsy voiles to fresh bright tie dyes.

  • Their sweater knit style ponchos are the perfect way to chase away the chill on cold, wintry days while sheer, floaty ponchos are perfect cover-ups for beachwear or to layer over summer ensembles for a bit of artistic flair.

  • A floaty summer skirt, open-toed sandals and a white wrap blouse make a simple, cool outfit that will take you to the movies, to a picnic or on a date.

  • Material: A summer plus size formal dress should be made of a lightweight, floaty material like chiffon, silk or taffeta.

  • In fact, it often looks best when it is worn with something slightly unexpected, like a floaty dress or a bold tunic.

  • I wanted to try some of his techniques, like low light levels, a gentle "floaty" bath, and not cutting the cord until it stopped pulsing.

  • Nothing is as cool or feminine in the hottest months of the year than floaty, flirty summer dresses.

  • Long, floaty and flirtatious, maxi dresses suggest an effortless, Grecian goddess-like glamour.

  • Maxis are otherwise flattering on many body types, but it's important to avoid billowy, "floaty" cuts that pool around the body and make large sizes appear heavier.

  • Similarly, a floaty tunic with luxurious, feminine details (like lace trim or pearl embellishments) is a great companion for those hot leggings.

  • By far one of the most popular summer dresses, a sundress made of cotton gauze material is floaty and airy.

  • They may have a subtle sheen if made of satin, or they may be lightweight and floaty, if made of chiffon.

  • Lyrical jazz costumes are often floaty, feminine, and look like watercolors splashed across the fabric.

  • The dress is made of orange satin, with a sheer robe made of a light and floaty lime material.

  • Fairies are usually designated via pastel colors, flowers, tinsel or glitter and floaty fabric.

  • Colored silks or fabrics: Whether you're putting together a gypsy, ghost or shepherd boy costume, colored silk scarves or panels help to create a variety of floaty costumes in a jiffy.

  • During the grunge craze in the early nineties, Doc Martens were frequently seen paired with feminine, floaty dresses and skirts; it's a look that doesn't sound as if it should work, but you may well be surprised.

  • Gone are the floaty dresses of spring and summer.

  • A few years ago, "boho chic" equated to hippie-inspired dresses and skirts coupled with floaty tops.

  • If you think these tend to be more pretty and floaty, guess again - they can come in animal prints and be very sexy.

  • A slim-strap top in microfiber will look great underneath a floaty summer dress, and a lot of camisoles today are made to wick moisture and look like a second skin-comfortably.

  • The criss-cross under wire bra is straight from the 1960s; the floaty chiffon babydoll is elegant and perfect for mature women.

  • Traditionally long and floaty with lots of fabric and lace or ruffles, this sleepwear is the ultimate in timeless elegance.

  • You can also wear a baby doll -- the floaty fabric will camouflage your stomach while showing off your decolletage.

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