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flavorless Sentence Examples

  • The warm liquid in her mouth didn't taste like blood; it was virtually flavorless, tainted by a sweetness hard to quantify.

  • Flavorless liquors are ideal, but if you'd prefer to make the drink characteristically French, feel free to experiment.

  • These ingredients create a flavorless egg replacer that works best in baked goods like cakes, muffins and cookies, but also works well as a binder for dishes like vegan "meat" loaf or casseroles.

  • The reviews are mixed on these so-called low carb wines from people loving it to people hating it saying that they are flavorless and their aromas are non-existent.

  • Options include a flavorless powder can be used in any recipe, or bars that make tasty snacks.

  • Dull color can mean dried out, flavorless, stale coffee beans.

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